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As Kansas City, Kansas, police continue to investigate the murder of 6-year-old Sir’Antonio Brown, family members, neighbors and community leaders gathered Wednesday on the block where he was fatally shot while playing in the yard. Approximately 100 people, including young children, attended a memorial held in honor of Antonio, remembered by his family as “Sir.” The kindergartner was killed May 3 in the 3100 block of Greeley Avenue.

As attendees paid tribute to the boy, his godmother, Shyneisha Hill, said a prayer as the family continues to mourn the loss of him and seek a resolution to the case. Supporters released green and white star-shaped balloons into the sky in his honor. On May 3, the family was outside enjoying the day around 6 p.m. when, according to witnesses, three hooded shooters opened fire on the block. Sir’Antonio was mortally wounded.

Sir’Antonio Brown Age

The age of Sir’Antonio Brown was 6 years.


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Who killed Sir’Antonio Brown ?

As of Wednesday, police in Kansas City, Kansas, had made an arrest that led to criminal charges. Cassandra Sledge, 18, the owner of a vehicle suspected of being used by the shooters, is charged with lying to law enforcement and obstructing justice. Speaking to the crowd Wednesday, Kansas City, Kansas Mayor Tyrone Garner said that while he is welcome, the family needs more than thoughts and prayers. He added that those responsible for killing “this baby” must be arrested and charged.

“This family, this little boy, this community deserves justice. Because if we have people roaming our streets, doing these things to children, they don’t need to be on our streets,” Garner said. Damon Daniel of the AdHoc Anti-Crime Group sought to demonstrate a difference between a snitch and a witness.

“A snitch is someone who is already in custody and is facing charges. And for less time, they rat on everyone else. A witness is someone who knows what is right and what is wrong,” Daniel said, calling on anyone who knows to come forward and help bring justice to Sir’Antonio. Speaking to the crowd Wednesday, Police Chief Karl Oakman promised justice, saying the department is committed to finding all those responsible in the case and holding those people accountable.Read More……


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