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A British teenager is believed to have been killed in Thailand after taking a motorcycle ride with his girlfriend. Woramet Ben Taota, 16, was reportedly found dead in a forest in his hometown of Lampang province in northern Thailand with head injuries. His phone and money were missing from his bag, leading to speculation that it had been stolen.

Police also believe he may have been killed elsewhere and dumped where he was found, slumped against a tree, the Daily Mail reported.

Woramet Ben Taota Age

The age of Woramet Ben Taota was 16 years.


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Woramet Ben cause of death

Police are now searching for his girlfriend, Yam, also 16, who is believed to have been the last person to see him alive and has been missing since Monday. “The station received a notification at 10:15 am that a person was found dead in the brush,” said Police Colonel Sittisak Singtongla, Mae Tha Police Superintendent. “The investigative team went to the area and found the victim with blood stains all over his face.

“It was found that his face and head had been struck with a hard object until it caused swelling and bruising and he also had a deep wound on his face. The body has been taken to the hospital for an autopsy. “We are currently tracking people close to the victim, including his partner. She is a key figure in this case as she is the last person to see him alive.” According to The Sun, officers interviewed Ben’s mother, Ooy Taota, but the name of her British father was not released.


He said goodbye to her on Saturday night and said he was “going to work with friends,” but said nothing more about her plans. Police say they are exploring several theories about Woramet’s death, including the possibility that he was the victim of a love affair or personal dispute.Read More……

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