10-year-old son gets Tattooed, Mother is arrested

In Highland, New York, a school nurse had to call the police after a 10-year-old boy approached her asking for Vaseline for his new tattoo. As surprising as this is, what is even more surprising is that her mother, who was arrested, claimed that she did not know that the tattoo was permanent. 10 year old son gets Tattooed Mother is arrested.

The minimum age required to get a tattoo in New York is 18, so the nurse has no choice but to report it to the authorities. According to a Town of Lloyd Court Facebook post, 33-year-old Crystal Tomas was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Her 10-year-old son and another of her children are reported to have been removed from her care by Child Protective Services.

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Apparently, the boy tattooed her own name in large, square letters on the bottom of her forearm. When asked why the boy got the tattoo, it was stated that she was inspired by one of her teachers, who has a tattoo in the same place, which the mother did not know. Many people who saw the Facebook post were upset with the verdict.

Many of them think that the authorities were “overreacting” and that it was “just a tattoo”, comparing it to negligence that they consider much worse.

The boy was allegedly given the tattoo by an unlicensed artist named Austin Smith, who was in the next room at the hotel where Tomas and her children were staying in Highland and who was also arrested.


Mith claims that she did not know what the laws were in New York regarding tattooing a minor. She explains that she thought that as long as a child had a parent’s permission, she was free to get the ink. She reportedly said this was the “biggest mistake of my life” as she now faces up to a year in prison.Read More….

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