Age reversing chemicals

Harvard researchers claim to have discovered a chemical cocktail they say can reverse aging, a finding that may result in a “Fountain of Youth” pill. Harvard researcher David Sinclair shared the findings, which were published in the July issue of the medical journal Aging, in a series of Twitter posts this week. Age reversing chemicals

Harvard researchers claim to have found age reversing chemicals

“We previously demonstrated that age reversal is possible using gene therapy to activate embryonic genes,” he began in his 17-tweet thread explaining the findings, which racked up 1 million views. “Now we show that it is possible with chemical cocktails, a step towards affordable full-body rejuvenation.”

The genetics professor and author of the book “Lifespan” went on to explain that he and his team at Harvard Medical School worked for more than three years to find molecules that could combine to reverse cellular aging and rejuvenate human cells. Through experiments with mice and monkeys, they were able to identify six chemical cocktails that can “reverse” the visual signs of aging “in less than a week,” Sinclair said.


“Studies on the optic nerve, brain tissue, kidneys, and muscles have shown promising results, with improved vision and longer life in mice, and recently, in April of this year, improved vision in monkeys.” said. He noted that human clinical trials of the therapy are being prepared and acknowledged that other researchers are also in the race “to show that chemicals can rejuvenate cells like gene therapy does.”Read More…….

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