Hampton Georgia shooting

Police are searching for a man in his 50s after four people were shot to death in Hampton Georgia. Authorities told WSBTV they are looking for a shooter in the McDonough Street area. They described the shooter as a black man in his 50s who was five feet 10 inches tall and was wearing a dark shirt with a red undertone and long gray pants.

Hampton shooting incident detail

He was last seen in a black 2017 GMC Arcadia with license plate number DHF756. Police helicopters swarm the area as police line the streets. Police say it remains an active shooter situation. The Fortson Public Library was closed for several hours after a woman ran in around 11 am saying she feared for her life, according to WSB-TV. The shooting did not take place inside the library.

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A woman locked inside the library at the time told WSB-TV that the woman ran to the back of the building as employees called police. She was taken from her cell phone and said that she feared for her life. She ran to the back of the building and I’m assuming someone here from the library called 911,” the woman told WSB-TV.


Police arrived and interviewed the woman before announcing a closure. “I saw the police in front of the building and I asked them if we were okay and if there was anything we should do,” the women told the reporter.

“She let us know that there was a woman who was in fear for her life…and she had no way to call the police and they came in and interviewed her and told us we were going to be locked up for a while.” ,’ she added. The woman said that she felt safe inside the library, and around 1:15 p.m. m., the employees told them to pack their things and leave. Heavily armed police and ambulances surrounded the area.Read More…..

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