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The skeleton of a Long Island man who disappeared after venturing onto a Native American reservation earlier this year was found strewn along a highway Thursday, enduring what a family friend described as “horrible violence.” . Isaiah Henriquez, 20, was identified Saturday as human remains found by a driver who had stopped in a wooded area off of exit 40 on Southern State Parkway in Islip, state police announced.

Family members were told authorities were treating the case as a homicide because of the “horrific violence” found near the shoulder, according to a friend. “There was blood in the area and there was a body, other material that just indicated that there was a violent scene,” Henriquez’s former classmate, Nicholas, told The Post, choosing not to reveal his last name.

State police said it is too soon to determine the cause of death. Suffolk County Police have been searching for Henriquez since he went missing on the Poospatuck Reservation in Mastic on April 8.


Isaiah Henriquez Age

The age of Isaiah Henriquez was 20 year.

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Isaiah Henriquez found dead

The youth had been dropped off at the Suffolk County Reservation at 7:30 p.m. after spending time at a party in Brentwood, a town more than 20 miles from Poospatuck, he told The Post’s mother in May. Friends said that he had visited the Unkechaugi village reserve before to buy weed, and told partygoers that he would be back “quickly” the night he disappeared.

“He’s a little crazy and nobody knows why, but he got in a Lyft and took him off the Indian reservation on eastern Long Island,” said Nicholas, who has been in communication with Henriquez’s best friend and cousin. . “The reservation or the police really don’t have any reasoning as to why he went out there or if he went out voluntarily. All they know at this point is that someone reported skeletal remains in the southern state, which is where we live, where the party was.”


Henriquez’s phone went dead after several hours, which was uncharacteristic of a talkative Long Islander, his mother Diana said of him at the time. Another man went missing on the same reservation just two days after Henriquez, raising concerns that nefarious gang-related activities could be at play, though the 27-year-old was found unharmed in the area a few weeks later.

Nicholas said that Henriquez had been living a normal, healthy life at the time of his disappearance. Requests for comment made to the Chief of the Unkechaug Indian Nation and the Federal Tribal Law Enforcement Authority were not immediately returned.Read More…….

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