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A Las Vegas teenager has been accused of sexually assaulting a girl who was drunk and unable to respond coherently, all while others watched, laughed and recorded the incident on their cell phones. Aiden Cicchetti, 17, was arrested in March on three counts of sexual assault but was released on parole after an initial appearance in Las Vegas Justice Court.

Aiden Cicchetti Age

The age of Aiden Cicchetti is 17 years.

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Aiden Cicchetti accused of raping a girl

Now, new details have been released about the gruesome assault. The alleged incident occurred after a night out in which the girl was out with a group of friends on a ‘party bus’ when the victim met a certain Aiden. The couple had shots and also drank from an unidentified liquor bottle allegedly provided by Aiden.


The girl herself recalled how her vision became blurry and that she felt ‘dizzy and nauseated’. The last memory of her before losing consciousness was leaving a house party in Henderson, Nevada, and walking to her car.

She then found herself waking up in Aiden’s kitchen without her pants and underwear and covered only with a blanket. She finally returned home around 3:40 am. Cicchetti’s lawyer, Ross Goodman, has stated that the sexual encounter between the couple was consensual and that there was no evidence that the girl “was incoherent or passed out”.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department’s arrest report, Cicchetti messaged the girl on his social media the next day. He referenced her sexual encounter, but the girl initially assumed she was joking. The next day she received a message from someone else with the message: ‘LMAO look what I found on my phone’.


Along with her text were three videos showing her in the backseat of her car with Aiden allegedly engaging in sexual acts. In the background, others could be heard laughing at what they were witnessing. When she showed it to a close friend of hers at her school, she was encouraged to go to the police.

The friend went to the school’s welfare counselor to report the act that led the dean of students to confiscate a phone containing the videos. Police looked at the three clips that ranged from 3 to 11 seconds in length. Authorities described the girl as “barely conscious” and noted how she could be heard saying “stop” while Cicchetti was having sex with her.

Another video showed the victim crying “no, no, no,” according to the arrest report obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Cicchetti had been attending school online for the past year and a half and told police he was intoxicated and had blurred vision, but he was sober enough to control his actions.


He denied having sex with anyone the night or morning of the party, but after being shown the videos of her, he tearfully admitted to her involvement. He claimed that the sex was consensual and that the girl’s friends had forced him to do it. Cicchetti was initially taken to a juvenile detention center and booked into the Clark County Detention Center. He has since been released on bail and will make his next court appearance on June 21.Read More……

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