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Alauraeve Allen, a 24-year-old mother from Elkhart, Indiana, was recently arrested on suspicion of murder and clerk neglect after the death of her six-month-old daughter earlier this month. Allen later confessed to authorities that she violently shook her daughter after becoming angry with her little girl, which authorities believe allegedly led to her death.

Investigators also said the 6-month-old had “numerous visible injuries” at the time of her death. They further revealed that Allen was fully aware of her actions, as she reportedly “did research” on shaken baby syndrome prior to the death of her daughter. Formal charges are expected to be filed against the woman next week, Newsweek reported.

Alauraeve Allen Age

The age of Alauraeve Allen is 24 year.


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Charges on Alauraeve Allen

Allen is a 24-year-old Indiana mother from Elkhart who is accused of killing her six-month-old daughter after searching online about shaken baby syndrome. On July 7, the Elkhart police and fire departments were reportedly dispatched to Middlebury Street in Elkhart, Indiana, after receiving a call about a baby who was unconscious and unable to breathe, according to prosecutor Vicki Elaine Becker.

The boy received “aid” after first responders arrived on scene before being transported to Elkhart General Hospital and ultimately sent to South Bend Memorial Hospital. The baby also had injuries to her body and she reportedly died from her injuries on July 8, authorities said. Officials with the Elkhart County Homicide Unit noted “numerous visible injuries on the infant’s body” before she was sent to the Homer Stryker School of Medicine for a forensic autopsy.

Prosecutors said the cause of the boy’s death was ruled a homicide. Allen reportedly told officials that she left her daughter in the care of friends and that the girl vomited on her after she returned, prompting her to take a “long bath.” She initially claimed that after returning from the shower she noticed the baby was not breathing and called 911 for help.


After being interviewed by police once more, Allen confessed that she “had been mad at the baby and shook her” on July 6 at her Middlebury Street apartment. Allen also admitted that she allegedly “hit the baby” and had caused injuries to the baby on other occasions. “Ms. Allen further reported that the baby appeared to be cold after the tremor and began to vomit, but she did not take the baby to medical attention at that time,” Becker said in the statement.

Ms. Allen also stated that she had researched ‘shaken baby syndrome’ before and understood that a possible consequence of shaking a baby is death,” the prosecutor added. Allen was also charged with “endangerment” of another child earlier this month and is facing charges in the case. Authorities said a young child was reportedly abused by a child while in Allen’s care.

Authorities allege that Allen failed to report the incident or take steps to prevent it from happening again despite being aware of the situation. The initial hearing in the sexual assault case is reportedly scheduled for July 25 while the investigation into the death of her young daughter continues. Allen will reportedly be held without bond in the Elkhart County Jail until her initial court hearing on Aug. 3 in Elkhart Circuit Court.


According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS), a scientific and educational association with more than 12,000 members, shaken baby syndrome is a “severe form of abuse inflicted on a child.” The organization said the condition typically occurs when a parent or any caregiver shakes a baby out of “anger or frustration, often because the baby won’t stop crying,” Newsweek reported.

AANS stated that babies have very weak neck muscles and strong shaking causes the head to jerk back and forth violently, often resulting in brain injury. According to the Cleveland Clinic, shaken baby syndrome is a type of “serious child abuse that occurs when a caregiver violently shakes a child.” The condition can reportedly cause “swelling, bruising, and bleeding in an infant’s brain, and can lead to brain damage, lifelong disabilities, and even death,” the clinic says.Read More…….

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