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A well-known Arkansas psychiatrist Dr. Brian T. Hyatt MD has been embroiled in controversy and is now at the center of an investigation by state and federal authorities after being accused of holding his patients hostage for days and weeks to commit fraud. Dr. Brian Hyatt was allegedly involved in an $800,000 Medicaid scam, according to the lawsuits, which also claimed he incarcerated at least 26 people in his unit at Northwest Medical Center.

Aaron Cash, an attorney who represents many alleged Hyatt victims, told NBC News: “I think they were executing a plan to hold people as long as possible, bill their insurance for as long as possible before kicking them out the door, and then fill the bed with someone else.

Hyatt once served as president of the Arkansas State Medical Board after earning his medical degree from the University of Arkansas School of Medicine for Medical Sciences (UAMS). However, he reportedly resigned in May after numerous allegations began to surface against him.


At the time, Hyatt said in a letter: “I am not resigning due to any wrongdoing on my part, but rather so that the Board can continue its important work without delay or distraction. I will continue to defend myself in the proper forum against the false accusations being made against me.” Furthermore, his contract was also “abruptly terminated” by Northwest Medical Center in Springdale last year.

Dr. Brian T. Hyatt Age

The age of Dr. Brian T. Hyatt is not declared.

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Charges on Dr. Brian T. Hyatt

The Daily Mail reported that in 2018, Hyatt became the medical director of Northwest Medical Center’s behavioral health unit, increasing the number of beds from 25 to 75. During his tenure, Medicaid and Medicare claims also skyrocketed, helping him earn $1,367 a day, Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin said.


In addition, the doctor also had his own private practice, Pinnacle Premier Psychiatry, where he often saw patients. It has been said that in his health insurance claims, he claimed to do regular face-to-face examinations of patients at the hospital. However, in April of last year, a former employee alleged that Hyatt used to spend “a few minutes each day” with patients and that he had “no contact with them,” a search warrant affidavit from the attorney general says.

The allegation reportedly led to a 45-day inspection of CCTV footage from the hospital. “Dr. Hyatt never had a single conversation with the vast majority of the patients under his care,” the affidavit about the finding wrote. But the defendant’s unit still received more than $800,000 from Medicaid between January 2019 and June 2022.

The official document stated, “Based on the claims made by Dr. Hyatt and the non-physician providers who work under his supervision, no patient treated in the behavioral unit located at Northwest Medical Center has ever improved, at least not before the patient’s discharge day,” before adding, “Dr. Hyatt is a clear outlier, and his claims are so high as to distort averages for certain codes or for the entire Arkansas Medicaid program.”


An alleged Hyatt victim, Shannon Williams, 52, reportedly shared: “They sent four nurses, technicians and each one grabbed my arms and legs, held me down face down and injected me with a sedative.

Explaining more about his February 2021 suffering, Harrison’s nurse revealed: “She was terrified. It was as if she was in prison. It was like a nightmare. If she cried, they again threatened me with more time ”. Another alleged victim, William VanWhy, added: “He was not receiving any kind of medical attention.Read More…….

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