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A former pastor Albert Weathers has pleaded guilty to murdering a transgender woman, whom police found dead on a street in Detroit, Michigan. her gun in her own defense, according to interview footage reported by The Detroit News. He claimed that the victim tried to rob him after he dropped off her daughter at school. Highland Park Police Sgt. Heather Holcomb testified that she saw a sharp object in Stough’s right hand after the shooting.

Other testimony suggested a much more complicated story and shed an ominous light on Weathers, a former pastor at Logos Church in Detroit. Kyra Butts, a trans woman who did sex work, said Weathers was a client. “He was one of the guys I hung out with,” she said, according to the outlet. “He was driving a lot before picking someone up.” He frequented the Palmer Park area for his services and the services of other sex workers, many of whom were also trans, she testified.

She stopped “dating” him because he “went around” her when it came to how much she would pay him, Ella Butts reportedly said. “His attitude from him was aggressive and a bit intimidating,” she testified. A Detroit police officer found Stough, also known as Keanna Mattel, shot to death on December 7, 2018. Authorities charged Weathers with open murder and use of a firearm in commission. of a felony just three days later, on December 10, 2018.


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However, it took more than four years to reach a conclusion in court. Weathers pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and felony firearm on Thursday. In exchange, he will spend eight years in prison on the murder charge and two years on the weapons charge. “The victim’s mother acknowledged that she agreed and was grateful for the resolution of the case,” prosecutors wrote. The court scheduled formal sentencing for September 8.

“The transgender community is among the most marginalized communities in this country,” said Wayne County Attorney Kym Worthy. “The Wayne County District Attorney’s Office is committed to ensuring that this is not the case in Wayne County. Today, another step was taken to protect members of our trans community. Defendant Albert Weathers pleaded guilty this morning to the murder of Kelly Stough. She will not be forgotten. she mattered. We will continue to aggressively prosecute those who cause harm to this and other Wayne County communities.”


“It is hoped that this guilty plea brings a long-awaited sense of closure to the family and friends of Kelly Stough,” said Fair Michigan Justice Project President Alanna Maguire. “In addition, it demonstrates a strong commitment to justice on the part of the Wayne County District Attorney’s Office and our team at the Fair Michigan Justice Project.” Loved ones remembered Kelly as friendly and outgoing, with aspirations to become a designer, according to The Detroit News.

Her mother, Jessica Williams Stough, told the outlet that she was amazed at her daughter’s resilience in dealing with hostility from strangers and others. “She never got bitter,” her mother said. “‘You are not going to make me feel less than what I am. She respected her a lot for that.” “His laugh from her and her smile could brighten up a room,” said Kecha Jackson, a longtime friend. “She was a caring, caring person.”Read More…….




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