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Former President Barack Obama’s gay sexual fantasy has been revealed in a recently redacted 1982 letter to his ex-girlfriend. Obama, then 21, wrote to Alex McNear in November 1982, with whom he had been in a relationship during his time at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

He delved into the subject of homosexuality, confessing that he “loves to make love to men every day, but in his imagination,” according to the previously redacted portion of the letter, obtained by the New York Post. Obama described homosexuality as a way to detach from the present and potentially evade the recurring theatrics of earthly existence.

‘Regarding homosexuality, I must say that I think this is an attempt to get away from the present, a refusal perhaps to perpetuate the endless farce of earthly life.’ He admits to a daily intellectual connection with men, but claims it was solely within the realms of the imagination. “You see, I make love to men every day, but in my imagination,” he said in the letter reported by the Post.


The letter, from more than 40 years ago, was addressed to a former girlfriend and has resurfaced due to an extensive interview with biographer David Garrow. Obama explored the concept of an androgynous mindset, expressing his desire for a perspective that encompasses people as a whole, rather than segregating them into gender categories.

“My mind is largely androgynous and I hope to do more of it until I can think in terms of people, not women as opposed to men,” he said. Despite these admissions, Obama admitted in the letter that he has accepted his identity as a man and chooses to live by it. “But, upon returning to the body, I see that I have become a man, and physically in life, I choose to accept that contingency,” he added. When his relationship ended, McNear chose to redact the more explicit sections of the letter, but did explain that Obama had detailed same-sex longings.

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The age of Alex McNear was 21 that time.


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However, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Garrow managed to locate and incorporate these passages into his biography entitled ‘Rising Star’. The letter is currently in the hands of Emory University, which does not allow its photography or removal. But Harvey Klehr, a friend of Garrow’s, was able to transcribe the redacted segments by hand and shared them with the author. Klehr provided the hidden section of the letter to The Post for publication.


Obama, now a father of two, has been married to his wife Michelle since 1992, and has also spoken out against gay marriage in the past. In 2004, Obama declared: ‘I don’t believe that marriage is a civil right’ and said that he believed that homosexuality ‘is not a choice.’ He changed his views while in the White House and helped celebrate the federal legalization of same-sex marriage in 2015. In response to the revealed content of the letter, Garrow claimed there was nothing atypical about Obama’s sexual fantasies. during his youth. years.

Addressing the matter, Garrow said: “As a historian and not a psychologist, I note that it is well known that a large majority of people have their share of sexual fantasies.” Garrow, who exposed Obama’s alleged homosexual fantasies years ago, called the former president “as insecure as Trump” and said he is too “lazy” to serve on the Supreme Court in an explosive interview earlier this month.

Sitting down for a lengthy Tablet question-and-answer session on August 2, historian David Garrow also renewed claims that Obama’s early memoirs were fabricated, calling them “fictional” and an attempt to “invent a struggle of identity race that never happened.” In the biography page Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, Garrow exposed how a young Obama considered a gay relationship while in college and cheated on Michelle with her ex during their first year of dating.


He also revealed how the former head of state, who has made a career of speaking engagements and various book deals, once called America a “racist society” in an unpublished manuscript from his Harvard Law days. Garrow, 70, who has been on the air for about six years now, addressed many of these revelations in the 16,000-word interview, while offering a fresh perspective on the man commonly considered the most influential figure in the Democratic Party. “He has no interest in building the Democratic Party as an institution,” he told Tablet. I think that’s obvious.

“I don’t think he had any really deep and meaningful political commitment, other than the need to feel and be perceived as victorious, as triumphant,” he said of the two-term president, who was succeeded by Trump in 2016. He added: ‘I’ve sometimes said to people that I think Barack is actually just as insecure as Trump, but in ways that are not readily perceived by the vast majority of people.Read More……..

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