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SOUTH CAROLINA – Linda Haynes, the actress who starred in films including ‘Rolling Thunder,’ ‘The Drowning Pool,’ and ‘Brubaker,’ had died July 17 in South Carolina at the age of 75. Her son Greg Sylvander announced her death on Facebook and wrote:

“As an only child, I have dreaded these times my entire life. I find peace in knowing that my mother was at peace and had the most beautiful life these last few years along with her grandchildren, Courtney Sylvander and myself.” “We are going to miss my mom immensely,” added Sylvander. Haynes was known for her roles in the 1970s and 1980s, most notably in the cult classic “Rolling Thunder,” written by Paul Schrader and directed by John Flynn.

Linda Haynes Age

The age of Linda Haynes was 75 year.


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How Linda Haynes was died?

She played Linda Forchet, a woman who helps a Vietnam veteran (William Devane) seek revenge after losing his hand and her family in a brutal attack. Quentin Tarantino praised Haynes’ performance, writing in an obituary for Linda, “Linda Forchet is my favorite woman.” character in a Paul Schrader movie…she has that look that Ava Gardner has, you know, blouse, but it took Ava years to do it, and Linda Haynes did it naturally. And I mean that in a good way.”

Tarantino also named ‘Rolling Thunder’ as one of his favorite movies and even created a distribution company called Rolling Thunder Pictures. Haynes, according to Variety, also appeared opposite Pam Grier in the Blaxploitation film “Coffy,” Robert Mulligan’s neo-noir “The Nickel Ride,” and Paul Newman’s detective thriller “The Drowning Pool.” One of her last movies was ‘Brubaker’, a prison drama with Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman. Her first film role was in the Japanese science fiction film ‘Latitude Zero’, directed by Ishiro Honda.

After retiring from acting, Haynes worked as a legal secretary and remained a member of the Actor’s Studio. “She often found herself working on beautiful paintings of the sea and nature. In the 1990s, time spent on Staniel Key in the Exuma Islands of the Bahamas helped deepen her love of the ocean,” the shared obituary noted. always feel comfortable and at ease.Read More……..


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