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Damon Arnette, a former first-round pick in the NFL draft, has made headlines after an adult artist brought a shocking allegation against him on Wednesday, August 9. During her appearance on the ‘Pillow Talk’ podcast, Danii Banks, an OnlyFans model, claimed that Arnette stole his expensive watch, phone and money. Arnette, currently a free agent, hopes to revive his NFL career after he was fired by the Raiders in 2021 following the release of video that appeared to show him brandishing a gun while yelling death threats.

Arnette, 26, admitted to pleading guilty to lesser charges of assault and drawing a firearm last week to settle the case in which he was accused of pointing the gun at a valet, according to CBS station KLAS. He was sentenced to 50 hours of community service, fined $2,000, had his gun confiscated and was banned from carrying “weapons of any kind.” Arnette was also previously arrested in Las Vegas on suspicion of showing a gun to a valet worker, the New York Post reported.

Danii Banks Age

The age of Danii Banks is 33 year.


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Who is Danii Banks

Banks is a model, social media star, and content creator from Las Vegas, Nevada. The 33-year-old influencer is also an ambassador for Fashion Nova, a fast fashion retail company. However, she is mostly known for posting exclusive content on platforms like OnlyFans, along with her own social media channels, according to News Unzip.

Her net worth ranges from $800k to $1 million, with a portion of her earnings coming from OnlyFans subscribers and producing promotional content for social media, according to sources. Damon Arnette, the little football player who played for the Raiders and got kicked out trying to shoot someone or something,” Banks stated on the ‘Pillow Talk’ podcast, adding: “Well, I went to the bathroom, I stole my fucking Cartier watch, I took my other phone and Zell took all the money from my account.”

Banks continued, “I got it all on camera. Him and his friends leaving my house. Come find out he does that to fuck around and then he did it to me.” “It’s great because karma is a b***h,” the OnlyFans model expressed, adding, “The way he acts and moves, he’ll get killed or locked up,” as a philosophical take on the situation.


“So the police said they can’t do anything because I don’t have him on camera stealing the watch,” Banks said of the situation. The model apparently accused Arnette of taking $5,000 from her bank account. Separately, Las Vegas police stated that Banks said she may have been drugged during the 2022 incident, in which Arnette was not identified as a suspect, according to a TMZ article.

After the podcast episode dropped, Arnette took to her Instagram Stories to address the allegations. “If you’re going to carry on with those stories, keep going, homie,” the football player said of Bank’s allegations, adding: “My story doesn’t matter, my side doesn’t matter. I’m focused, I have too much positivity for me as a to entertain a bitch with a bitch.” Arnette added, “Find a better way to deal with me next time. Don’t really deal with me. No more [me] for anyone.”Read More……

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