Alum Denise Richards announces death of beloved dog George

Alum Denise’s dog.Former Real Housewives star Denise Richards recently shared heartbreaking news with her fans and followers on social media on Saturday, December 24. The ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star took to her Instagram account to announce the tragic death of her beloved dog George hers. Good night.

George was with Denise and her family for more than 15 years before her death, and the star posted photos of the Chihuahua mix with a heartbreaking message about her death. Posting close-up photos of George looking animated, sleeping and cuddling Denise’s sister’s hairless cat Michelle Richards, the ‘RHOBH’ alum wrote: “George our hearts are broken. Alum Denise’s dog

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You were with us for 15 years.” . Everyone loved you and anyone who met you with your sweet and fiery personality, you made everyone the biggest Chihuahua lovers,” as she announced to her Instagram followers that her beloved pup had died.

The actress went on to write, “You ruled our house and slept with us every night. The only thing that helps me is knowing that you are with all your friends and Nana”.


Alum Denise’s dog age

The age of Alum Denise dog was 15 years.

Denise also noted how much she appreciated George for helping her cope with the death of her grandmother and expressed that she missed him dearly. She added: “Especially since you were there to help us get over losing him.

I am so sad Georgie I love you so much and I will miss you so much.” Stating that she loved his “furry son” of hers and hers “best friend of hers”, Denise ended her heartbreaking message by writing: “Thank you for blessing us by being our furry son, brother and best friend. for many. I love you my George.


Many friends and supporters rushed to send their condolences to Denise. Actress Rena Sofer wrote in the comments section of the Instagram post: “So sorry for your loss! All my love to you my friend!” sending you good wishes.

Even Dina Cantin responded with: “Sending so much love. The worst pain ever because they are so pure and innocent. 😩.” Camille Meyer also expressed her support for her, commenting, “I’m so sorry for your loss. 😢🐶💔.”

George was known to be Denise’s “mega mommy’s boy” and was often found dozing between the bed sheets, sometimes getting lost beneath them. George even had a friend of similar size, a Yorkie named Marvin, who also died before Christmas at age 23.


George and Marvin weren’t the only pets of the ‘RHOBH’ alum, the actress is known for being an animal lover and for having various pets, from horses to pigs. The list includes her breeding dogs, Rose, Lulu, Sara, Hank, Tina and Lucy to name a few. Denise’s other pets include a horse, cat, and pig. All of her pets are reportedly residing peacefully on her Malibu beachfront property.Read More….

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