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A 17-year-old Mississippi girl had sex with two boys, ages 10 and 14, in front of other children at a Mother’s Day gathering, then arranged for them to beat up the boys who spoke up, according to police. Amiracle Morgan was arrested last week after some of her children reported her to the police, Columbus Police Chief Joseph Daughtry told WTVA.

Amiracle Morgan Age

The age of Amiracle Morgan is 17 years.

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Charges on Amiracle Morgan

“It was disturbing, it really was,” the police chief said of the depraved incident. During police interviews, Morgan confessed to having sexual acts with both underage boys and was charged as an adult with sexual assault, police said. The initial statutory rape charges were later dropped, WTVA said, without explanation.


At some point, Morgan and her 32-year-old mother, Raven Morgan, managed to get a group of children to attack those who were yelling at police, Columbus Police Chief Joseph Daughtry told WTVA.

“It was also a bit more disturbing when I found out that the mother brought her children to beat up the people who saw what happened. That will not be tolerated,” Daughtry told WTVA.

Amiracle’s mother, Raven Morgan, 32, allegedly helped her daughter round up other children to attack young witnesses who went to police. “No one should have to worry about people jumping on them, breaking down doors and wanting to fight them,” the police chief said.


“And for what? Because you did wrong? The upper part said she said she. “Mom, she acts like a fool, she will go to jail too. Everybody goes to jail,” she said. The mom was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a misdemeanor. Her daughter has been released on $100,000 bond pending a preliminary hearing on June 8.Read More……

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