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NEW YORK CITY: Ammy Ventura, an employee of the NYPD’s Property Division, filed a lawsuit against her boss for sexually assaulting and threatening her. According to new court documents, Wilder Lucas, 41, sought out threesomes and told her she would be thrown in front of a train if she told anyone about her relationship. According to a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit on Tuesday, April 11, Ventura’s boss began romantically pursuing her in 2021 while she handled evidence in the case for him.

Lucas is an NYPD lieutenant and property integrity control officer for the department, who befriended Ventura in February 2021 over the fact that the two were divorcing at the same time, according to court documents. The two began dating in April 2021, and Ventura was led to believe Lucas was divorced, citing her lawsuit. They broke up around September 2021, after Ventura discovered other traits about Lucas, according to court documents.

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The age of Ammy Ventura is not declared.


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Ammy Ventura was sexually assuilted by her boss

His suit shared an incident, the couple went on a date, where the officer taught him how to shoot at a shooting range on May 22, 2021. As Lucas was driving Ventura home, he ‘insisted’ that she perform oral sex on him. and after she refused, he got angry and yelled, “Shut the fuck up!” according to documents filed in court.

Right before they broke up, Lucas invited Ventura on a trip to the Dominican Republic, but once he landed, he discovered that there were three other women he had invited as well. Lucas also ignored her on purpose. When they were on the island, he told Ventura to leave him alone and called her “fucking annoying,” according to the lawsuit. Weeks later, Lucas told Ventura, “I can’t talk, I’m a married man.” However, he continued to flirt with Ventura at work even though they were no longer dating.

Nine months after he ended her affair, in August 2022, while on shift, Lucas grabbed Ventura by her hair, pushed her behind her desk, and forced her to perform oral sex on him. The court document also alleges that his office door was wide open. The incident was “against her will,” but Ventura felt “paralyzed and completely powerless to stop the violent attack,” the lawsuit claims. Further, she stated: “As a single mother, [Ventura] lives in constant fear that her financial situation will deteriorate as a result of defendant Lucas’s threats that she could terminate her employment given her position.” .Read More…….



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