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MINNESOTA: A Minnesota college student is facing charges after he was found with ammunition clips, knives and a tactical vest, among other items. A hand-drawn map of a site on campus with instructions for shooting was also found, according to court records. Waylon Kurts, 20, was arrested on Thursday, April 6, 2023, after a janitor at St Olaf College in Northfield tipped off authorities.

The custodian said there were two empty packages belonging to the sophomore for high capacity magazines lying in a trash can outside the dorms. Kurts was ultimately charged with conspiracy to commit second-degree assault and conspiracy to commit threats of violence, making terroristic threats, and planning robbery.

Waylon Kurts Age

The age of Waylon Kurts is 20 years.


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Why did Waylon Kurts arrested ?

Searching Kurts’ room on campus, officers discovered a tactical vest, empty ammunition and magazine boxes, a tactical knife, a folding knife, firearm ear muffs, six propane canisters, fireworks, lighter fluid, a battery with cables and a lock pick set, according to charging documents, the New York Post reported. Police found notebooks where he wrote about his plan to steal ammunition from a Walmart and police radio frequencies. He also conspired to steal a hand-drawn map of a recreational facility on campus, according to the Star Tribune.

The map had an arrow showing a travel route and an exit route. In addition to several suspicious items found in Kurts’ room and vehicle, searching his phone revealed that he sent someone a text about buying guns from unlicensed dealers, a criminal complaint alleges. He also texted photos of a box containing what appeared to be rifle magazines resting on a campus bench, with the words: “Kids have no idea what’s in here haha.”

Cops also found notes in Kurts’ vehicle, with phrases like: “Combat is much faster and closer than you think” and “the average door takes 2.5 kicks.” According to KARE11, a notebook had instructions on where a person can be shot. his body. “One shot in the T-box equals instant death,” the author of the notes wrote. A section of the notebook called “Things to be good at” read: “Shoot a person in 3 areas: upper thoracic [sic], T-zone on the face, pelvis is a good target.”


Kurts, from Montpelier, Vermont, is a member of the St Olaf track team but was suspended from the university after his arrest. Paul Rogosheske, Kurts’ attorney, said his client “has some things that seem funny,” but that nothing posed a threat to anyone. He said that Kurts is a camper, hunter and shoots a lot. He also claimed that there were no weapons or ammunition. taken from Kurts’ room or vehicle, adding that his client drew the map for someone else.

Northfield Police Chief Mark Elliott said authorities are trying to determine what Kurts may have been planning. Prosecutors with the Rice County District Attorney’s Office alleged in a memo filed with the court that the student “had been planning a mass casualty event.” They said he may have attacked the Skoglund-Tostrud recreation facility with “both firearms and explosives.”

According to Kurts’ family, his guns were at his home in Vermont and he was not involved in any shootings in Minnesota. However, according to a shooting range and gun store in Burnsville, he had visited “several times to shoot.” Kurts, who has now been jailed on $100,000 bail, is reportedly due back in court on April 21.Read More…….


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