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A Hamptons police officer claims she was sexually harassed and passed over for promotions while working in a frat environment where women were referred to as “b——” and “sluts.” East Hampton Police Officer Andrea Kess claims in a new Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint that male officers in the department made an “untold number of sexually offensive comments” during their seven years on the job. .

“Everybody knows how you get your information,” her supervisor, Lt. Daniel Toia, allegedly said in 2021, according to the discrimination complaint. “It’s just because people want to sleep with you. They give you information because they know they can pull your pants down.”

Kess, who is 42 and still on the job, said in the complaint that the department’s officers also called the sexual assaults “Montauk love stories” and referred to the victims in derogatory terms. Meanwhile, Kess was trying to prove herself because she wanted to be the first female detective in the seven-member unit.


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“I started to see that there is a very clear culture there,” she told The Post. “They don’t want a woman back there.” She was twice ruled out for the job in 2018 and 2022 despite a record that included racking up 333 arrests and 1,621 traffic tickets since 2016, more than any other officer, her complaint claims. She also received 14 exemplary service citations and numerous awards.

As a cop, she helped take down a sex trafficking operation in 2018 after cultivating a relationship with a victim she convinced to cooperate with the FBI. The investigation led to 11 arrests, a news release from the feds shows.

Then in 2021, she took the lead when a resident came to the headquarters to complain about loud explosions. Kess discovered that there were hundreds of reports of booming noises in the same area over several years. She interviewed witnesses and found spent mortar shells on a property.


Her bosses mocked her for investigating, she said, but Kess contacted ATF anyway. The feds responded and searched the property, recovering a large quantity of professional fireworks in a shed on a homeowner’s property. “ATF said that if that shed had caught fire, it would have burned down the houses around it,” Kess recalled.

She finally landed a detective interview in April 2022 and appeared before a review board of five men, including Toia. She was chosen a male police officer. Around the same time, Toia told her that she seemed like “a smart girl,” but “you just don’t get it,” the complaint alleges. “Leave the investigation to my guys,” she said.

Kess and her attorney Eric Sanders plan to file a federal lawsuit. “I operate from integrity and if this helps any other women who want to come into this department, I would do it again in a heartbeat,” she said. East Hampton Supervisor Peter Van Scoyoc said the city planned to mediate the complaint and could not comment further on the pending litigation. Could not locate a job number for Lieutenant Toia. Read More……..


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