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The other shoe fell for two people who were found driving the truck of a dead man two days after allegedly killing him. A grand jury in Charlotte County, Florida, indicted Andrew Drew Smith, 32, and Melissa Dymond-Demetrowitz, 34, with murdering Shawn. Patrick Armstrong, 49, prosecutors announced Thursday. The two have been locked up in the local jail since mid-September on related but less serious charges. The state’s attorney’s office in the 20th judicial district said the duo conspired between September 8 and 13. Andrew David Smith and Melissa Dymond.

“The victim was shot and killed on or about September 13, 2022,” prosecutors said. “The victim was lured to a wooded area and murdered in south Charlotte County. Then her body was put in her own vehicle.” They allegedly took Armstrong’s body in his pickup truck, a Silverado, to Lee County, where they hid his remains under palm fronds in a wooded area.

Authorities previously released the affidavit in the September arrests. Dymond-Demetrowitz, who was initially charged with tampering with evidence and accessory after the fact to a capital offense, allegedly admitted to officers that she saw Smith shoot someone. That victim’s name was redacted from those documents, but it appears to be Armstrong.


Andrew David Smith and Melissa Dymond Age

The age of  Andrew David Smith and Melissa Dymond 32 and 34 years.

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Andrew David Smith and Melissa Dymond accused of murder

According to the affidavit, which has been reviewed by Law & Crime, Dymond-Demetrowitz told agents details about what happened on September 13 between her, Smith and the unidentified victim, although this part of the document is heavily redacted.

Dymond-Demetrowitz told officers the three were driving together and eventually stopped on a gravel driveway. Smith parked the truck, at which point he and the victim allegedly got out of the vehicle and began arguing in the back of the truck. Dymond-Demetrowitz reportedly said that this discussion lasted three hours.


At one point, she told officers that she heard gunshots from outside. She got out of the vehicle and found the victim dead on the ground with two apparent gunshot wounds to the chest, according to the documents. There was a large amount of blood. Dymond-Demetrowitz allegedly said she helped put the body in the truck out of fear for her safety.

“Melissa initially believed the truck (and the [deleted] body) stayed in the [parking lot] until the next day, but Melissa later detailed that she would go with Andrew to Fort Myers to dispose of the [deleted] body,” the statement said. sworn said wrote. “Although Melissa was unable to provide the address where [redacted] was taken, she was able to detail Andrew taking them to a ‘church.’ Melissa detailed Andrew driving through wooded roads behind the church with the truck and traveling through deep flooded. The truck came to an extensively flooded area deep in the roads.”

Smith and Dymond-Demetrowitz first appeared on law enforcement radar days after Armstrong was allegedly killed. Agents said they had stopped Smith, who is believed to have been drunk while he was behind the wheel of Armstrong’s truck, on September 15. Dymond-Demetrowitz was allegedly in the passenger seat at the time. Agents allegedly found an open container of alcohol on the floor of the car, as well as cocaine and fentanyl.


Agents also reportedly noticed blood in a cooler located in the truck bed, as well as blood or a “blood-like substance” that appeared to have collected on the right side of the truck bed. At the time, Smith was arrested for DUI and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. Armstrong’s death apparently came to light when a woman identified as Smith’s fiancée reported her missing.

The September affidavit against Dymond-Demetrowitz showed that this woman reported on September 16 that a man, whose name is redacted from the documents, was missing and possibly murdered. The woman said she tried to call someone whose identity is redacted on the affidavit, but Dymond-Demetrowitz answered.

The defendant allegedly asked him to speak in person at a Knights Inn. When the witness got there, an upset Dymond-Demetrowitz told him that someone named “Drew” shot a person three times in the truck, according to the documents. They drove behind a church and buried his body in a pasture, the defendant allegedly told Smith’s fiancée.He also reportedly told the witness that police arrested Smith while he was in the truck after burying the victim, according to the documents. Smith threw the murder weapon out of the truck window into a bush during the chase, Dymond-Demetrowitz allegedly said.


According to the witness, Dymond-Demetrowitz said Smith texted her before his arrest asking her to get the gun out of the bushes. When questioned by investigators why Smith would have wanted to kill the victim, the witness speculated it was money, according to the redacted affidavit. “[The witness] further revealed that he [redacted] had attempted to rape her in July 2022 and Andrew was upset that she was engaged to be married to Andrew,” the documents state.

Dymond-Demetrowitz also said that she had “all of the [reacted] belongings, as well as bags full of Andrew’s things including illegal narcotics and wanted her to take everything from the hotel room.” The witness said that she refused to take the possessions and left the hotel. Investigators say they reviewed a recorded phone call in which Dymond-Demetrowitz told another man, an inmate, that the victim had died.

“They got into a fight and the next thing you knew it was the end of it,” he allegedly said. Authorities claimed that a recorded phone conversation at the jail between Smith and Dymond-Demetrowitz on the night of September 15 showed Melissa saying that the fiancée had gone to her hotel room and argued with her.


“Andrew interrupts Melissa to inform her of the charges against her and she asks him ‘what about the back door?’ Andrew says, ‘what about that? There was nothing back there’ and Melissa asks him if he got rid of everything.” authorities wrote. “Andrew replied yes and said, ‘they tried to charge me with the gun [removed] had at the door, but they couldn’t because it was a [removed] truck.’

Smith and Dymond-Demetrowitz remain in custody without bail. They made their first appearances on Friday. They face one count of first-degree murder with a firearm, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder with a firearm, and tampering or fabricating physical evidence.Read More………..

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