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Relatives of a teenage murder victim whose remains were left to decompose on her killer’s balcony for months offered harrowing statements at the man’s sentencing hearing. “You are disgusting,” grieving mother Akua Avegnon told Bennie J. Washington as she awaited her punishment Monday. Washington, 40, was convicted in May of murdering his then-girlfriend Audreona Barnes, 18, who had been missing since July 2021. Authorities say he shot her in the head and then left her body to rot for months on the balcony of his apartment in Cleveland Ohio.

Authorities did not discover Barnes’ remains until March 2022, after Washington was evacuated. A cleanup crew made the grim discovery; The girl had apparently been hidden under a pile of clothes and blankets. A jury convicted Barnes of two counts of murder, two counts of felony assault and one count of crimes against human corpses and possession of weapons while he was disabled. He was sentenced Monday to 38 years to life in prison.

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The age of Audreona Barnes was 18 years.


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Avegnon criticized Washington for feigning support after Barnes’ disappearance, despite her being the person responsible for her death. “I hope that every time you close your eyes, you see her. Every time there is silence, you hear crying,” Avegnon said in a heartbreaking and heartbreaking statement recorded by WKYC

“You deserve everything you are going to get. You’re disgusting. You helped me find it. You called every day. ‘Just checking how you are. Making sure you’re okay. We are going to find her. When all along you knew what you had done to him. you knew! But you kept calling me. You kept saying, ‘Oh, she’s coming home’ when you knew she wasn’t coming. You’re disgusting.” Barnes’ aunt, Latoya Clark, told Washington that she couldn’t understand why she killed the teen.

“I don’t even know what to say, but to know that a coward actually killed my niece, it’s still shocking to me, her siblings and her children,” Clark said at the sentencing. “I don’t understand. I don’t understand. You’re so old. She’s a baby. You killed a baby. There’s nothing in this world an 18-year-old can do to a 40-year-old to make you kill her. You’re a coward, and I hope get everything you deserve.”


Barnes had met with US Army recruiters, Warrensville Heights Police Detective Gregory Curry told local news station WOIO at the time of the search. The recruiters picked her up from Washington’s apartment in Cleveland and dropped her off at the same location, he said.

“They just don’t know if she went back to the apartment or if she walked away,” the detective added. Avegnon said Monday that Barnes had dreamed of joining the military since the ninth grade and that he had graduated from high school early, at age 17. Avegnon also said that his daughter was pregnant.

“You stood in the kitchen and said, ‘I miss her and my baby,'” Avegnon told Washington. “But you still took it knowing that she was pregnant. No care because you are a disgusting individual.” As part of her statement, he also called Washington a pedophile.


In 2021, Curry said there was no evidence of foul play in Barnes’ disappearance, but he wasn’t ruling it out. He described Washington as verbally hostile to the detective and his partner during questioning, saying the man “blew up” and had asked for a lawyer. “‘I hate the police,’” Curry had said, allegedly citing Washington. “He called us all kinds of names.”

According to the detective, this exchange took place outside of Washington’s apartment. The police never managed to get in. In the days leading up to Washington’s arrest the following year, people allegedly called the police for “erratic behavior in public.” Washington had previously been sentenced to seven years in prison in a 2010 case for shooting and wounding a woman in the back over a $40 cocaine debt.

Police said that when they first tried to arrest Washington, he fled, went into someone else’s house and jumped out a window. The police finally arrested him the next day. Barnes’ co-defendant, Marquetta Wallace, 36, pleaded guilty April 4 to crimes against a human corpse. Her sentencing is scheduled for June 26.Read More……


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