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In what the prosecutor called one of the worst cases he has ever handled, a man received the highest possible sentence for two counts of injuring a child. Austin Reid, a Texas man, will serve the next few decades in prison for two incidents of child harm involving two different children for hurting them in eerily similar ways. Sadly, one of them resulted in the death of a 2-year-old child in 2019.

Reid, 25, pleaded guilty to both counts and received a judge-imposed 50-year sentence for each. The child in question, Lucas Samora, belonged to his girlfriend, Emily Aust, with whom he shared a previous relationship. According to the prosecutor, Lucas died in May of the same year due to serious injuries all over his body. His autopsy was declared unclear. Additionally, Reid was also accused of injuring Lucas’s half-brother.

Austin Reid is a 25-year-old Texas man who received a 50-year sentence for two counts of child injury offenses. He is a native of Deer Park, located in the greater Houston area. It is alleged that Reid had a long history of violence towards his father, his stepfather, his two children and an inmate at the Harris County Jail. In addition, he admitted to being addicted to drugs and regularly using substances such as Xanax, methamphetamine and marijuana.


Austin Reid Age

The age of Austin Reid is 25 year.

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Charges on Austin Reid

Reid, who had previously been on the run in Colorado, was arrested in March in the small town of Fairplay, the Park County seat, just days after pleading guilty to two counts of bodily harm to a child in a Harris County courthouse, local ABC station KTRK reported. After the sentencing hearing on the child injury charges was skipped, authorities discovered that he had left the Lone Star State. After his arrest, Reid was charged with five additional charges, including failure to identify himself as a fugitive, resisting arrest, escaping arrest, having fraudulent license plates and felony in possession of a firearm.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office reported Thursday, July 21, that the defendant was sentenced Wednesday, July 20, to 50 years in state prison for each count of child injury after a few months’ delay. District Judge Mike Wilkinson decided that the sentences would run concurrently. Notably, Reid will need to serve at least 25 years in prison before being eligible for parole.


2-year-old Lucas Samora died in May 2019 for a reason that remains a mystery. Reid maintained that the boy had drowned in the bathtub, but an autopsy revealed that he had more than 20 cigarette burns, as well as brain hemorrhage, spinal cord hemorrhage, and optic nerve sheath hemorrhage. These injuries were a clear sign of child abuse. The deceased boy’s grandmother, Darlene Scrivner, previously said: “The injuries he had all over his body – there was no way it was an accident in any way, and we didn’t want it to look like an accident.” to KTRK.

Reid was under investigation by the Houston Police Department and Child Protective Services when his girlfriend, Aust, gave birth to the dead boy’s half-brother. In January 2020, Reid took the second child to the hospital for a suspected dislocated elbow. According to a news release, the district attorney’s office stated that Reid told medical personnel that “the baby had been trapped in a laundry basket five days earlier.” At the hospital, staff called authorities because the baby had signs of child abuse, including a brain hemorrhage, a broken arm, burns on the tips of his fingers and other injuries.

The Texas Children’s Hospital physician who treated both children testified at the sentencing hearing that neither child’s injuries were unintentional and disagreed with the infant’s autopsy. Referring to Reid, lead prosecutor Gilbert Sawtelle said: “He chose drugs and violence over family and the people who loved him. These are horrific and unthinkable crimes, and he deserves to be sentenced to 50 years,” according to KTRK.Read more……..


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