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Superstar Beyonce has come under fire from her fans for the $24 million anti-gay Dubai show where she failed to perform any hits from her new LGBTQ+ album Renaissance. The Grammy-winning star has been accused of “clouding” her support for queer people, with many saying she “doesn’t need the money.”

Thousands of fans were quick to criticize the hitmaker for “selling out,” arguing that “it’s not like you need the money.” Her last album, Renaissance, which she did not perform on set, was dedicated to her uncle Jonny. , who identified as gay and suffered a battle with HIV. She has been criticized for not performing any songs from the discography, with many fans saying they were “struggling” to understand why she would even agree to a concert in Dubai in the first place.

Bev Jackson, co-founder of the LGB Alliance, said the singer is a “huge icon” for gay people and that she is “deeply disappointed” by her decision to give a “lucrative concert in Dubai featuring same-sex acts.” . a criminal offence. Those found in a same-sex relationship can even be punished by death in the country, with Beyoncé coming under fire after dedicating her latest album to her late gay uncle Jonny.


Initially, Keith McNally, Balthazar’s owner, also jumped in line, saying he would give the star a “table next to the kitchen” the next time she dined at her restaurant. But he has since changed his mind, declaring that he would put the star on a table next to James Cordon, whom he banned and unbanned after indulging in an egg white omelette. He said: ‘After much internal conflict, I deleted my post criticizing Beyoncé for accepting a large pay package to perform in Dubai, a country where homosexuality is illegal.

I deleted it for many reasons, partly because I didn’t fully understand Middle Eastern customs, but mainly because I felt disingenuous about a response I made to someone’s comment. ‘I wrote that I was once offered a million dollars to open Balthazar in Dubai. Although this was true, my implication was that I declined the offer on moral grounds.

This was not true. I turned down the offer because I didn’t like Dubai itself, not because I disagreed with its barbaric law on homosexuality. In fact, at the time I was embarrassingly unaware of this law. “Anyway, I’m going to seat Beyoncé next to James Corden if and when she comes to Balthazar.” Peter Tatchell, an LGBT rights activist, is quoted in her original post as saying: “I love Beyoncé’s music, but her performance in a dictatorship like Dubai was a huge mistake.”


Beyonce Age

The age of Beyonce is 41 years.

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Beyonce received $24 million anti-gay Dubai show

Abandoning her own progressive values, she put a money-grabbing paycheck ahead of human rights. On top of that, her music set excluded all tracks from her 2022 album Renaissance, which was a tribute to queer black dance pioneers. “It appears she did this to appease Dubai’s homophobic regime, which has the death penalty for homosexuality.”

“Like many of her LGBT fans of hers, I feel betrayed and angry. Her liberal reputation has taken a blow. mRuPaul’s Drag Race star Kitty Scott-Claus also slammed the star saying: ‘Hi, I have a question…can anyone explain why everyone canceled David Beckham the other month but now they’re celebrating Beyoncé for performing in dubai? A rule for one and one for another?


Another user suggested: “Beyoncé is not an LGBTQ+ ally when she performs for money in Dubai and she literally doesn’t need a dime.”Beyonce, 41, performed a full live concert of more than 85 minutes for a star-studded audience, including Liam Payne and his new girlfriend, at the new Dubai hotel.

She also brought her 11-year-old daughter Blue Ivy on stage to sing Brown Skin Girl at the exclusive party. It was the first time in four years that she had performed live, and at one point she was being lifted 16 feet into the air on the hotel’s Skyblaze fountain. She previously performed at the 2019 GLAAD Media Awards and gushed about her uncle as “the most fabulous gay man.”

Speaking at the queer-focused event, the Crazy in Love singer said: “She was brave and unapologetic during a time when this country didn’t accept it.” ‘Witnessing his battle with HIV was one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever had. It is my hope that their struggles serve to open paths for other young people to live more freely. LGBTQI rights are human rights.‘Read More….


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