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Authorities have warned that an arrest in the brutal murder of a Microsoft executive in February last year is “imminent.” Jared Bridegan, 33, was shot multiple times in front of his daughter Bexley in Florida. His ex-wife, Shanna Gardener-Fernandez, and her second husband, Mario Fernandez, remain suspects in his murder, and his ex is suspected of wanting to “shut him up.” Law enforcement sources now say they hope to make an arrest in the case as soon as Wednesday.

The father-of-four divorced Gardener-Fernandez, 35, in 2016 after she reportedly had an affair and their relationship soured. Court files revealed that the couple had been arguing for years before he was killed while he left behind 10-year-old twins, Abby and Liam, whom he shared with Gardener-Fernandez.

Bridegan dropped the children off at his ex’s home in Florida before beginning her drive home with his 2-year-old daughter from her second marriage in the back of the car. He stopped to remove a tire that was left in the middle of the road before being shot multiple times. Detectives believe it was a ploy to get him out of the car and ambush him.


Law enforcement sources told Fox News that Gardener-Fernandez remains a suspect in the murder and she has since moved from Florida to West Richland in Washington with her twins. Her second husband didn’t make the 2,800-mile move with the family to a $1 million six-bedroom, four-bathroom home, but he remains a suspect in the shooting.

Jared Bridegan Age

The age of Jared Bridegan was 33 years.

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Who killed Jared Bridegan

Gardener-Fernandez declined to comment on the development of the case, before going shopping in her white Tesla. She has always denied having an affair, but she admitted last year that she asked a tattoo parlor employee if she knew anyone who could ‘shut up’ her ex-husband.
However, she denied it was a genuine threat, saying they were just things people say during ‘bitter divorces’. She said: “Our relationship was quite complicated and it continued to be quite complicated.”


The couple retained high-powered criminal defense attorney Henry Coxe III, who declined to comment on the possible arrest. Bridegan’s second wife, Kirsten, with whom she had two daughters, said she was “shocked” by the long-distance move.

She said her children, London, 1, and Bexley, now 3, have “lost her siblings” and she has lost her “stepchildren.” Kirsten added: ‘It’s been a further loss. In addition to losing Jared, my children have lost their siblings. I have lost my stepsons. I have been trying for months and months to make contact and have gotten nowhere.

“First the twins lost their father, then they were completely cut off from their own sisters and now they’re being taken away from school, friends, sports teams… that’s what worries me.”


The Microsoft executive’s wife said she fears her stepchildren will be “cut off” from the rest of her family after being removed from her private school in Jacksonville Beach.Kirsten said ella Bexley’s daughter has “good days where she’s happy,” adding: “But it’s going to be a lifetime for her to process those feelings and the trauma of what happened.”Read More…..

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