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A Phoenix double homicide suspect was found in Kansas by authorities and was killed in a shooting, police said. The suspect allegedly killed Cameron Brown, 28, and Asya Rose Ribble, 27, on January 22 around 1 p.m. near 51st Avenue and Warner Street. Their young children were found safe inside the house. Leroy Malone
Counseling Courses in Australia for International StudentsCounseling Courses | sponsored “As the investigation progressed, detectives identified an adult male as a suspect. It was also learned that an adult female was likely with the suspect. The man and woman were tracked out of state. Phoenix detectives contacted agencies throughout the country, with information about the man and woman along with an explanation of the case,” Phoenix police said.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation says the shooting occurred on January 23 in Dodge City, Kansas, around 9 a.m., after officers spotted the suspect near Minneola, Kansas, and gave chase. “Deputies from the Ford County Sheriff’s Office and the Kansas Highway Patrol joined the pursuit. Once the suspect’s vehicle came to a stop, shots were exchanged. The shooting occurred at Highway 50 and 113 Rd. in Dodge City,” the office said.

Two Ford County Sheriff’s Office deputies were shot: one is in serious condition and the other is doing well. A Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputy was also shot and is in serious condition. The suspect was shot to death and the woman with him was inside the car and was hit by bullets. She is in critical condition. The suspect is identified as Leroy Malone, 39, and the woman he was with remains unidentified.


Leroy Malone Age

The age of Leroy Malone is 39 years.

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Leroy Malone accused of double murder

From Phoenix, it would take him about 14 hours to get to Dodge City, Kansas. Jesús Soto followed law enforcement prior to Malone’s eventual death and captured the incident on cell phone video.

“We pull into Dodge and we see a truck, a black Toyota, it just goes around a curve extremely fast without stopping. After that, he sees like 8 other patrol vehicles right behind them with their lights on,” he said.


“We roll down the windows and you can hear the police yell ‘get on the ground’ ‘open the door’ because the guy was still in the vehicle. The patrol officer came up to us and said they needed to turn around so we we turned around. You only hear shots. 8, 9 shots start to sound, like fireworks, one after another.” Malone has spent about 15 years in the Arizona prison system, according to records.
‘It’s terrible’

A neighbor who lives across the street from where police say the victims were killed called 911. She says she saw family members come in Sunday afternoon for a wellness check on the couple after not knowing nothing of them. She says that family members were the first to discover the bodies.

“I saw an older man with his phone and there was an older lady with him and he told her not to go in because he didn’t want to see what was inside. Then he started crying,” Rosie Parra said. “The only reason I called 911 was because I saw that, and the baby was naked, no clothes on.” She saw detectives at the house from Sunday afternoon to Monday morning investigating.


Parra says no one in the neighborhood heard that the couple was killed, so she thinks the children could have been there with their parents’ bodies for a while. “Knowing what happened there, it’s horrible,” Parra said.Read More……



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