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Brandon Tsay is the heroic bystander who brought down the Monterey Park gunman after he murdered 10 people in a California dance hall has spoken out to describe how he brought down the 72-year-old man, saying his “primal instinct” told him to attack.

Brandon Tsay was at the Lai Lai Ballroom and Studio in Alhambra at 10:40 p.m. m. last night when gunman Huu Can Tran burst through the gates armed with an illegal semi-automatic pistol.

He has since told Good Morning America and The New York Times how he was helping out at his family’s business Saturday night when dozens of people flocked to the ballroom for a Lunar New Year party. Tran had already killed 10 people at the Star Dance Studio in Parque de Monterrey. Police sources say that he was ‘looking for his wife’. It is not clear if she is among the victims.


Tran was looking for more victims when Tsay, whose family owns the Lai Lai dance hall, confronted him, seized his gun after a struggle and scared him. In an interview with GMA’s Robin Roberts at Monterey Park, Tsay described the moment he realized it. the shooter had come looking to kill. ‘It was Chinese New Year, we were hosting a social dance party.

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I was in the lobby and it was already late. Most of our customers have already left, I was looking towards the ballroom. “That’s when I heard the sound of the front door creaking, followed instantly by the sound of metal objects rubbing against each other.

“I turned around and saw that there was an Asian man with a gun. My first thought was that he was going to die here. That’s all.’ He told The New York Times in a separate interview that it was a “primal instinct” to attack him and that Tran’s eyes were “threatening.” Tsay had never seen Tran before.


He said that he instantly knew that he was there to commit a mass shooting and was scanning the room for targets. I realized that he was not here to rob us, he was not looking for money. He was looking around the room. He seemed like he was looking for targets, people to harm. ‘Something came over me: I realized that he needed to take this weapon, disarm him, or else they would all have died.

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Brandon Tsay Age

The age of Brandon Tsay is 26 years.

How Brandon Tsay tackled Tran?

When I got up the courage, I lunged at him with both hands, grabbed the gun, and we struggled to the hallway, trying to get the gun from each other. He was punching me in the face and hitting my head. ‘I was trying to create some distance. Finally, at one point, I was able to get the gun away from him, push him to the side, and create some distance. “I was able to grab the gun and point it at him, intimidate him, yell, ‘Get out of here! I’m going to shoot! Get out!’


‘At this point, I thought he would run away. He was contemplating whether to fight or flee. I really thought he would have to shoot her. That’s when he turned and walked out the door, walking back to his truck. I immediately called the police, gun still in hand. I couldn’t believe what happened,’ he said.

From the Lai Lai ballroom, Tran is believed to have traveled to a nearby hospital. He then returned to his white pickup truck, which had stolen license plates, and drove 22 miles to Torrance. A SWAT team surrounded the vehicle and broke it up, finding him dead inside.

Police have yet to confirm exactly what led him to commit the murders, but a source told LA Magazine that it was a “domestic dispute” and that he was looking for “his wife.” His first wife, whom he divorced in 2005, has since spoken anonymously to CNN to describe how they met at Star Dance, where she gave lessons for years.


The woman said that he often scolded her if she got a dance move wrong, and that he was quick to anger. It’s unclear what Tran was working for. Tsay’s family praised his efforts and said he was lucky to be alive. He was just my son. He could have died. He’s lucky, someone was taking care of him,” his father Tom told the Times.

Tran lived alone in a small house in Lakes in the Hemet West Senior Community, where neighbors say he was friendly and easy-going. ‘Tran was just a nice guy. I mean, he would see him driving his little motorcycle from time to time in his truck. “He would stop to pet your dog, and everyone here thought he was just a quiet little guy.Read More….



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