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Shocking footage captured the moment a disabled man was shot by a North Carolina SWAT team despite following their orders.
On December 12, around 11 p.m., Cherokee County officials received a call about a shooting in the area. In response, police opened fire, shooting 41-year-old Jason Harley Kloepfer multiple times. Police suspected that Kloepfer was the person who had allegedly opened fire and was currently holding a hostage.

Kloepfer and his wife, Alison Mahler, can be seen on surveillance footage from inside the trailer they were in as they both raised their hands and opened the door. The images were taken from inside the trailer.

After a few seconds, the officers opened fire at Kloepfer, firing six shots at him. His condition was described as serious but stable when he was taken to the hospital. Police claimed that Kloepfer had been involved in a verbal confrontation with them before opening the door and insisted that he had “confronted” them before he was shot.


Jason Kloepfer Age

The age of Jason Kloepfer is 42 years.

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What happened to Jason Kloepfer

When Kloepfer started yelling “I got shot!” time and time again, Mahler pulled him out of the line of fire. As she helped Kloepfer, Mahler yelled at the police: “What the hell! They shot him, what the hell did you do!”

Outside the trailer, the police kept yelling for the two people to get out. As Kloepfer crept toward the exit, Mahler obediently held up her hands. She hesitated to leave her husband alone for a moment, but she finally did. “He can’t! He’s been shot!” a Mahler came out screaming, screaming at the police.


Kloepfer could be heard muttering, “I don’t have a gun,” as police approached the trailer, adding, “I didn’t have a gun.” Kloepfer was then dragged off by the arm and taken to receive medical attention. He was charged with communicating threats and resisting, obstructing and delaying.

As part of the recovery process for him, Kloepfer documented the incident and posted it on social media last week. It appeared that the bullets had hit him in the chest and arm. “I’m doing better physically, mentally Ali and I are not that good on this case. We’ve been out of state in fear of our lives since I got out of the hospital,” Kloepfer wrote.Read More….

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