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Nyheem Wright a 17-year-old teenager, who was stabbed to death by gang members earlier this week, succumbed to his injuries on Saturday, January 21. His devastated mother has demanded justice and that those responsible be held accountable. Nyheem Wright died at Maimonides Medical Center of a collapsed lung and a ruptured vein Saturday afternoon, school officials reportedly revealed. Police have not arrested anyone so far.

According to the New York Post, six teenagers chased Wright in Coney Island after school on Friday, January 20. After they caught up with him around 3:20 p.m. m. local time in the Rite Aid parking lot on Mermaid Avenue, he was severely stabbed in the torso.

Schools chancellor David Banks said on Twitter: “Spoke to the youngster’s principal tonight who described him as a cheerful leader. He was about to graduate and was a hard worker who took an active role in leading other young people at his school.”


In another tweet, he said: “This week our students were repeatedly subjected to senseless acts of violence, and tonight we mourn an utterly tragic loss of life.”

Nyheem Wright Age

The age of Nyheem Wright was just 17.

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Nyheem Wright stabbed by gang in front of his twin

Wright’s mother, Simone Brooks, spoke about the tragedy to the New York Post on Sunday, January 22. She demanded justice from the “little punks” who were responsible for the death of her son. “I want justice for him. These days, they all want to take out weapons. They don’t want to fight because they’re just little punks. We want justice for my son Nyheem because he didn’t deserve it and we’re not okay,” she said.


Brooks said Wright’s twin, Raheem, told him what happened. “They were fighting with the children, and he said there were six of them. One of them pulled out a knife,” she said, adding that Raheem “stayed with his twin brother the whole time.” “I was on the phone with him … and when the ambulance came, they kept saying, ‘He’s losing a lot of blood, he’s losing a lot of blood!'” she said.

Stating that a major artery was severed in the attack, Brooks said: “There was nothing anybody could have done because the blood just drained away. The platelets, the plasma, just didn’t clot. And after a while, they were monitoring her blood pressure, and it just goes so low, and they said no one can live like this, and her heart is going to stop,” adding, “They told me, ‘Call your family, you can bring them all here.'”

According to Brooks, he was not involved in any gangs and he was a bright student in his class and everyone liked him. The mother of nine said: “Raheem, he is trying to be strong for me. But I’m looking at his Snapchat posts and he’s like, ‘I’m not okay.’ It’s like, ‘I’ll never be okay.'”Read More….


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