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CALIFORNIA: Authorities said a man, who barricaded himself in a Valinda home for two days and fired more than 100 rounds from a powerful rifle at civilians and law enforcement officers to keep them at bay, has been found dead. As the tense standoff in the San Gabriel Valley dragged on into Sunday, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies used armored vehicles to prevent bullets from hitting nearby homes.

Those near where the man had barricaded himself were also required to leave their homes, the Los Angeles Times reported. On Monday, March 13, sheriff’s officials identified the suspect as 45-year-old Brandon Ursa, as no further information was shared. Valinda’s house where Ursa barricaded herself belonged to his girlfriend.

Using a high-powered rifle, Ursa fired at the officers as they arrived in the area, authorities said. Deputies returned fire as Ursa barricaded himself inside his girlfriend’s home in the 16900 block of Wing Lane, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Chief Jorge Valdez said at a news conference. The suspect did not reveal any specific reason for opening fire during his communication with negotiators, Lt. Calvin Mah said during the news conference.


Brandon Ursa Age

The age of Brandon Ursa is 45 years.

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Brandon Ursa found dead at home

Although a woman was injured in the incident, she was not shot. Over the weekend, ten local families were forced to move as crisis mediators and the sheriff’s special enforcement office tried to end the standoff, police said. They were put up at a nearby hotel.

Lt. Tom Giandomenico of the sheriff’s special enforcement office reported that more than 100 shots were fired from the home. In order to place cameras inside the house and observe the situation, the officers drilled holes in the roof of the house. In an effort to make the shooter uncomfortable and make it more difficult for him to leave the house, officers also used pepper spray, according to Giandomenico.


“I could tell you at 2 a.m. [Sunday], he was still swearing and texting about his ability to want to hurt us and our staff,” Giandomenico said during a press conference on Sunday, March 3. 12 Agents entered the home at 4 pm on Sunday, March 12, and discovered Ursa dead, according to Valdez. The cause of death has yet to be established, however an examination of Ursa’s body by detectives revealed incisions on her wrist that appeared to have been self-inflicted.Read More……

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