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In a shocking revelation, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that Brent Seaman, a forex trader from Naples, Florida, is facing charges of orchestrating a Ponzi scheme that allegedly defrauded at least 60 investors. at approximately $35 million. According to the SEC press release, the victims consisted primarily of seniors and retirees associated with a Naples church, where Brent was an active member.

The charges against Brent that were made public on Thursday, July 27 shocked the local community when the scale of the alleged fraud came to light. As of now, the SEC complaint accuses Brent of making an unregistered security offering that promised annual returns of 18 to 48 percent. He allegedly convinced investors that his money would be invested in technology companies and used for currency and commodity trading. These representations were nothing more than fabrications, as Brent currency trading was consistently unprofitable, according to the SEC complaint.

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Brent Seaman

Furthermore, the allegations paint a shocking picture of Brent’s actions, claiming that he misled investors by promoting his success in forex trading when, in reality, he was losing millions of dollars of his money. It is also alleged that he embezzled millions of dollars for his personal use, spending the funds on lavish expenses such as luxury automobiles and private jet travel. The findings reveal that the defendant also made Ponzi-like payments to investors, using funds from new investors to pay off old ones. In particular, this classic hallmark of a Ponzi scheme has been known to create a mirage of success while diverting funds to the perpetrator.

Brent introduces himself as a successful entrepreneur on his LinkedIn profile and is listed as the founder and CEO of Accanito Capital Group, a private equity firm that invests primarily in technology companies. The profile also indicates that he was a member of the executive board of Surge Data, a Naples-based company that specializes in providing its clients with targeted data on decision makers. Additionally, Brent describes himself as “a people connector” and someone “obsessed with the mission.”

Past records indicate that Brent was involved in various legal matters prior to the Ponzi scheme allegations. Katie T Gover, a Naples resident, filed a civil lawsuit against her in March, who claimed she suffered injuries in a car accident allegedly caused by him. Court records also reveal that he had disputes with Capital One Bank and Cach LLC, which have been resolved in the past.


The consequences of the charges extend to Brent’s family, with his wife, Jana Seaman, named in the lawsuit as a relief defendant. He reportedly agreed to return more than $757,000, which was allegedly obtained from the Ponzi scheme. Brent’s online persona, as seen on his social media accounts, portrays him as a skilled and skilled professional, boasting of his “industry knowledge”, “tools and technologies” and “interpersonal skills”. .

As the SEC continues its investigation, the case serves as a stark reminder of the risks vulnerable investors face due to fraudulent schemes. The charges against Brent highlight the importance of regulatory vigilance and investor education to protect people from falling victim to financial fraud. “This action reflects a deep commitment to going after those who take advantage of vulnerable investors,” Eric I Bustillo, director of the SEC’s Miami regional office, said in the statement.Read More……

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