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The 30-year-old pilot daughter of Super Bowl winner Bruce Collie died along with her co-pilot when their World War II-era T-6 Texan plunged into a lake near the Oshkosh air show, while two others They died on a plane. crash. Separate helicopter the same day. The first accident happened around 9 a.m. Saturday, when Devyn Reiley of Guadalupe, Texas, the daughter of two-time Super Bowl champion Bruce Collie, crashed her vintage plane with 20-year-old Zach Colliemoreno on board.

Eyewitnesses said the plane began to spiral downward before crashing into Lake Winnebago. The second accident took place at an airfield near the site of the air show shortly after noon. A helicopter flown by Alabama-based instructor and engineer Mark Peterson, 69, was struck from below by a gyrocopter and burst into flames.

Both Peterson and his passenger Thomas Volz, 72, of Amelia, Ohio, died. Volz, an Air Force veteran and cancer survivor, was attending the air show with his granddaughter, his wife of 52 years, Patty, told Fox 19. “They tell me they never knew what happened,” Patty said. “It hit and burst into flames and went straight down.”


Her grandson called her to tell her that he had been murdered. “He said, ‘I hate to break it to you, Grammy, but Babi has passed away,’ that’s what they called him,” she said. ‘I just yelled and said, ‘No, it’s not! No, it’s not!” She said that Peterson was a very experienced helicopter pilot, whom everyone trusted.

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The age of Devyn Reiley was 30 year.

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How Devyn Reiley  was died?

‘It was a horrible accident. They were hit by a gyrocopter from below as they were about to land,” she said. AirVenture, one of the largest aviation events in the country, attracts 10,000 aircraft and more than 600,000 attendees. Reiley and her husband Hunter, who also worked at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, ran a flight training school in Texas. The couple met at the aviation meeting and got married there three years ago.


They flew out of their wedding in a Vultee B-13 warbird and their Texas home was decorated with planes. “We got married during ‘NOshkosh’ so we can celebrate every year at Oshkosh!” she wrote her on July 26, celebrating her anniversary. “Here’s to living and pursuing our dreams together for many more years with my best friend by my side.” Reiley was also training to become a commercial pilot, the San Antonio Express News reported, and had been accepted into the Air Force reserves, with the goal of refueling flights.

The eldest of 13 children born to former San Francisco 49ers star Bruce Collie and his wife Holly, she became a certified private pilot in 2017. Reiley co-founded the Texas Warbird Museum with her husband and family to preserve the era of Second World War. military aircraft known as warbirds and to share aviation stories from the Rio Grande Valley. She had a “passion for representing the history of women aviators by flying these historic aircraft,” the publication said.

She taught at the Texas Aviation Academy in New Braunfels from 2018 until it closed earlier this year. Reiley was flying a T-6 Texan plane when it crashed into the lake. Brayden Hiebing was fishing in the lake with her grandfather and told NBC 26 that she saw the plane spiral down.


“I thought they were pulling a trick at first,” Hiebing said. “I heard the plane start to come out of the sky, it started circling and I told it, and all of a sudden it made a big splash.” Hunter Reiley said his wife was in awe of the Women Air Force Service Pilots, or WASP, an association of civilian women pilots formed during World War II.

All you wanted was to make the wasp proud. You earned your ‘Fifi’ wings,” she wrote on Facebook. Dick Knapinski, a spokesman for the air show, said both crashes were being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board. “Having accidents like this in the singular is very rare,” he told Fox 59. “Having two fatal accidents in the same day is extremely rare.”Read More…….

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