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A daredevil has died after falling from the top of a 721-foot tall skyscraper he had been climbing while in Hong Kong. Remi Lucidi, 30, had a history of scaling various towers around the world, whether they were buildings or more obscure structures like cranes, bridges, pylons, or even transmitters.

Lucidi, known as ‘Remi Enigma’ on social media, had reached the 68th floor of the 721-foot Tregunter Tower, a residential block, in Hong Kong’s luxury mid-tier area before his fatal fall. The young adventurer had been seen by a maid pounding on the attic windows to get back into the building, but he fell to his death before help arrived.

The night of his death, last Thursday, the Frenchman Lucidi arrived at the tower at 7:30 p.m. m. and told a security guard that he was visiting a friend on the 40th floor. The resident whom he named has since denied knowing the thrill seeker and it was simply a ruse to get Lucidi to bypass security.


Footage from the building’s surveillance camera shows Lucidi exiting the elevator on the 49th floor before walking up the stairs to the top on the 68th level. The door to the rooftop was locked, but Lucidi forced it open, determined to take another photo from the rooftop.

Remi Lucidi Age

The age of Remi Lucidi is 30 year.

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Remi Lucidi Cuase of death

Many of the photos posted on Instagram of him show him clinging to the towers of tall buildings and he may have been trying to do the same when he fell. He wasn’t found until his body was back on the ground. Police found his sports camera, which contained videos of the extreme sports he played, according to the South China Morning Post.


On Instagram, Lucidi shared photos and videos of his climbing adventures with his more than 3,000 followers. Recent posts saw him posing on top of scaffolding and high-rise buildings in countries around the world, including Dubai, Bulgaria, and France. Much of the footage shows him taking on the daring climbs without the use of safety harnesses.

In one of the stomach-churning images, he can be seen swinging on the edge of a 980-foot-tall chimney in France. Six days before his death, Lucidi, who described himself as a Hong Kong-based photographer, posted a photo. from Times Square in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong to his Instagram page which is now full of tributes. ‘Rip bro. Sad news no one wants to hear about a fellow explorer,” wrote one.

The stakes are high in search of incredible experiences. Eternal respect rest in peace,’ added another. “You will never leave us, you are unique,” said a third. Lucidi had been staying at a hostel in Tsim Sha Tsui. The hostel owner described him as “kind and humble.” “He was healthy, fit and with a happy face,” Gurjit Kaur told SCMP. ‘I feel very sad.


“He told me that he was going to climb a mountain when I asked him where he was going. He said that he wanted to walk a lot when he was here,” he said. Police found his passport and other belongings at the shelter. The French consulate has been informed of Lucidi’s death while a police investigation into the incident continues.Read More……..

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