Arizona mother amputates her 6-year-old daughter’s leg

A six-year-old girl has died after the propeller of a boat her mother was driving severed her leg on Lake Pleasant in Arizona. The schoolgirl suffered a leg amputation during the accident and she was rushed to hospital after being pulled from the water in Peoria, Arizona. Authorities confirmed that she was pronounced dead at the medical center, with a spokesperson for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office calling it a “tragic accident.”  Arizona mother amputates her 6-year-old daughter.

A group of 12 people from two families had been swimming and wakeboarding on their boat around 7am. The entire group of six adults and six children, all wearing life jackets, were in the same boat when the incident occurred. At around 11 a.m., the girl’s mother was driving near Paul’s Hideaway, and police confirmed that no one realized the girl was still in the water. Her mother started accelerating to pull another family member who was wakeboarding, and the schoolgirl was struck by the speedboat.

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Incident detail

The boy’s father was in the water holding a wakeboard when he noticed someone in the water and swam toward the boy. Sergeant Joaquín Enríquez said: ‘He and the mother quickly realized that her daughter was in the water and she had suffered a leg amputation from the boat’s propeller.


Witnesses at the scene confirmed that the boy’s mother was operating the boat when she started driving and, unknown to the family, the boy had somehow entered the water. ‘There is no impairment investigation at this time. We have investigators who went and looked for signs; although it is an ongoing investigation, we see no signs of deterioration at this time.

‘Let’s call this a tragic accident. Contributing factors that may have led to this incident are many people on the ship. “Detectives are with the boat and processing the boat and looking at security measures that were not in place. ‘But it seems that the things that should be on the ship are on the ship. Nobody comes here and expects a tragedy.

The boat’s owners were described by police as “experienced boaters”, adding that they “may have lost track of who was in the boat” because they were in “different places swimming and wakeboarding”. Agents and firefighters with the Peoria Fire Medical Department responded to a 911 call, after other boaters brought the child to port because poor cell service meant they were initially unable to reach emergency services.Read More………


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