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Shocking video captured the moment police shot and killed a crazed escaped convict holding a young woman and her mother at knifepoint Thursday inside a Victoria’s Secret in Miami Beach. Darien Young, 29, violently grabbed the terrified couple after he was caught stealing lingerie from the Lincoln Road and Jerrson Avenue store, authorities said.

Darien Young Age

The age of Darien Young is 29 year.

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Charges on Darien Young

The New Hampshire criminal can be seen on eyewitness video grabbing one of her victims by her neck as she huddles behind the store’s checkout counter. The woman’s daughter stands near her with her hands folded in prayer. Young repeatedly yelled “I’m going to kill her, I’m going to kill her, don’t make me hurt her, don’t make me hurt her,” a witness told Local 10. The suspect appears to shake his head. “No.” while the responding officer tries to reason with the desperate man.


“Put it down, man, please put it down,” the policeman said with his gun at his hip. At one point, Young released the older woman and grabbed his daughter. Ultimately, Miami Beach cops shot Young to save the victims. Young was rushed to the trauma unit of a nearby hospital in critical condition, but died several hours later.

The mother-daughter pair is safe, the MBPD said. The New Hampshire Department of Corrections confirmed Friday that Young was an escaped convict who had fled the state on July 21, just a week before he was fatally shot. He was placed on escape status after leaving the grounds of the Calumet House minimum security transitional housing unit, located approximately 20 miles south of Concord.

Young was jailed on drug charges, falsifying physical evidence and receiving stolen property, the state DOC said. His first parole eligibility date would have been July 31, 2023. It’s unclear how or why Young made the 1,500-mile trip to Miami Beach or why he was stealing Victoria’s Secret lingerie.Read More………


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