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LANSING, MICHIGAN – Two Michigan inmates may face additional jail time after filming a music video on a cell phone in prison and posting it to YouTube. In the video, one of the prisoners is seen talking on a cell phone, indicating that they probably had more than one. Authorities suspect the video was filmed in September, but it recently went online on November 3, where it received thousands of views, according to Fox News. Michigan Inmates Share a Rap Video from Prison on YouTube

Several social media users began commenting and praising the rap when one person wrote, “This really sounds good .” “Damn! The sound quality was amazing for being uploaded from a phone!  Great job from the inside ,” added another. Someone pointed out: “I was in prison too and this is real bullshit. …this is how they really treat us…stay awake guys we are so much stronger than iron bars and gates.” “I just can’t believe this,” another commented.

Rap Video from Prison on YouTube

Another user wrote: “Great song! Sorry to hear about all the water on the floor and there is nothing they can do about it! Yes, you’re serving time for doing something bad, but they don’t have to treat you like animals! That prison needs to have respect!!! Great video/awesome song!!!”


“The Michigan Department of Corrections is threatening to add five years to their prison sentences and place them in solitary confinement. That is inhumane and not right, no one deserves to be persecuted just for making music. Stay strong gentlemen and congratulations on your musical talent,” another user commented.

Earlier on Tuesday, November 29, the Detroit Free Press reported that state prison officials and the Michigan State Police have launched an investigation following the discovery of the video, as cell phones and cameras are prohibited inside the facility. Investigators are currently trying to determine how the men obtained the phones. MDOC is withholding the names of the boys in the video, however, according to FOX News, one of them had been convicted of second-degree murder and the other of armed robbery.

One of the two had served time at the Muskegon Correctional Center after being convicted twice of having illegal prisoner property. Michigan Department of Corrections spokesman Chris Gautz said in a statement: “It is incredibly dangerous [to have phones inside state prisons], especially with the ability to connect to the Internet because they can be used to stage breakouts, harass witnesses, or place ‘hits’. ‘ on people inside or outside the prison.”


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