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A lawyer was caught on camera allegedly trying to shoot his ex-girlfriend on Saturday, November 26, at the bar where she worked. The incident took place around 11:30 a.m. at the Anderson Mill Pub in Austin. Gavin Rush, 41, faced a charge of aggravated assault.

According to Rush’s LinkedIn, he works on “sexual assault, embryo destruction and fertility center misconduct, complex business litigation, civil rights actions, FINRA arbitrations and financial services disputes.” As mentioned, he was charged in 2017 with assault/domestic violence impeding breathing/circulation against another woman in a different county. However, the case was dismissed after completing anger management classes, according to KVUE. It’s worth noting that the judge granted Rush’s ex an emergency protective order against him when bail was set, according to the Daily Mail.

He used a deadly weapon and the assault included family violence. However, Rush was released just two days after the incident on $40,000 bail. The crazed lawyer reportedly only had to pay 10% of the bail amount, or $4,000, to secure his release. The low bail was set despite a previous 2017 assault and family violence charge against a different woman, though that case was ultimately dismissed.


Gavin Rush Age

The age of Gavin Rush is 41 years.

Gavin Rush accused of Shooting his Girl Friend

Rush’s ex-girlfriend, who has not been identified for legal reasons, was confronted by him at the Anderson Mill Pub because she was apparently not speaking to him. They split about a month and a half ago after three years of dating, according to Fox 7 Austin. Local councilor Mackenzie Kelly posted surveillance video on Twitter, showing Rush placing a leather satchel on the bar’s counter. A police affidavit indicated that his ex continued to refuse to interact with him when she arrived at the bar. At some point, he pulled out a gun and pointed it at her. A red dot from a laser sight was seen aiming directly at his chest. He then proceeded to fire and just missed.

The affidavit also states that Rush fired at least three shots before he was pinned down by others present. One of the shots broke a bar mirror behind where his ex was standing. Speaking to KVUE, one of the patrons at the bar who pinned down the lawyer said he even tried to shoot himself in the head, but missed when they got between him and the trigger. Clients kept him on the ground until the police arrived on the scene. “We are all lucky,” one of them told a local media outlet after the incident. “That could have been so different than it was. Thank God,” they added.


After the shooting, Rush’s profile page was removed from the website of Peiffer Wolf Carr Kane & Conway, the law firm where he worked. “Gavin Rush is no longer with the firm,” the company said in a statement. “We do not tolerate hate or violence of any kind. Our thoughts are with the victims who experienced significant trauma that day,” the statement added.

That being said, local politicians and law enforcement were alarmed by Rush’s ability to get out of prison so quickly. Speaking to Fox 7 Austin, Thomas Villareal, head of the Austin Police Association, said: “This particular case appears to be one where the courts have failed this victim.” Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza blamed a municipal judge when questioned about the low bail set. “I don’t know what information the magistrate had in front of them when they made that decision,” he told CBS Austin. “Under state law and local practice, the District Attorney’s Office and prosecutors are generally not present at the bail setting. That is something that municipal judges do without the involvement of the District Attorney’s Office,” added Garza.

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