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COLORADO: Brian Fitzgerald a school bus driver in Colorado has reportedly lost his job after he was caught on camera slamming on the brakes, sending elementary school students flying into the seats in front of them. Multiple child abuse charges have been filed against the bus driver, Brian Fitzgerald, as a result of the malicious incident.

Fitzgerald, 61, turned the bus ride home for Castle Rock Elementary School students into a messy and educational moment, as seen in security footage. On Wednesday, March 1, Fitzgerald educates students on the importance of remaining seated while driving in the Denver area. In video provided to Fox News by the Douglas County School District, Fitzgerald is heard saying: “You guys need to be in your seats. Want to see how dangerous that is?”

Brian Fitzgerald Age

The age of Brian Fitzgerald is 61 years.


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Charges on Brian Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald then appears to slam on the bus’s brakes as the children fall forward and groan. He says, “Do you understand that? That’s why you need to be in your seat. Turn around and sit properly. If they can’t do that, they’ll write you down, do you understand that?”

One of the students is heard asking, “Why is he doing that? Did he do that?” Fitzgerald apparently lost his job with the district and now faces 29 counts of knowing/reckless child abuse without injury and one count of knowing child abuse/reckless bodily harm. He is expected to appear in court on Friday, May 12.

The district spokesman claimed the footage was “incredibly difficult to watch,” according to Fox News. Paula Hans said in a statement: “Going to and from school by bus should be a happy and enjoyable experience for students. The behavior and actions of this bus driver are completely unacceptable.” Hans added, “We are very grateful to the parents and principal who reported this incident, allowing us to take swift action and ensure this driver was never allowed behind the wheel of a DCSD bus again.”


Many have reacted to the incident on Twitter, with one person writing: “As a bus dad I’ve seen all sorts of bad decisions by drivers/parents. He could have handled it better.” Another person wrote: “I’m siding with the bus drivers. No kids were seriously hurt and I bet they learned their lesson. What a waste of taxpayer dollars to charge this man.”

A third person wrote: “To all of you who say this was a good lesson…remember…your kids are buckled up. These kids aren’t.” The other person wrote: “Your school bus doesn’t have seat belts!” One person wrote: “There needs to be another adult who can supervise the children on the bus, so the bus driver can focus on driving the bus. The person driving the bus can’t do it all.”Read More…..

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