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TEXAS: The body of a 25-year-old mother Tiera Strand who was reported missing after she was allegedly assaulted by multiple women at a Central Texas bar was discovered 70 miles away in a ditch off a highway, according to members of her family who saw a cell phone video of the attack.

On Friday morning, April 20, a passerby found Tiera Strand’s body in a roadside ditch in Bell County five days after she was reported missing. Authorities said her cause of death will be determined after an autopsy, according to the Bell County Sheriff’s Office news release, Law and Crime reported.

Tiera Strand Age

The age of Tiera Strandwas 25 years.


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Tiera Strand cause of death

Speaking to the outlet, Strand’s sister Mariah Herron said that she is sad, angry and confused. Herron said her sister’s only daughter doesn’t know about her mother’s death. The six-year-old girl is currently with her grandfather. “She calls her phone all the time asking for her. That’s the hardest part,” Herron said. She said her sister was looking forward to earning her high school diploma by graduating from a continuing education program in May. To get into the US Navy, Strand had been talking to a recruiter.

“I was excited about the next step in her life. You’re talking to her one day. You wonder where she is the next. Days later, you have to realize she’s not coming home alive,” Herron said. emotionally The family is currently planning Strand’s funeral after they receive her body at the medical examiner’s office. They also plan to hire a private investigator to find out more about how she was brutally attacked in a crowd and more details of the case.

According to the description of a GoFundMe page created by Herron to help the family cover funeral expenses, Strand disappeared “after she was violently attacked on E 6th Street in downtown Austin. Her family spent five days with no answers or answers.” police leads until April 21 when we got the call that morning that her body was found 70 miles from her home. Our goal is to get justice for Tiera and the mishandling of her case.” According to the Bell County Sheriff’s Department, a joint investigation was conducted with the Austin Police Department’s homicide unit. However, authorities have not released any further details of Strand’s case.Read More…..


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