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A Michigan woman was arrested this week for performing a sex act on her dog after her ex discovered disturbing footage of the encounter on security cameras and turned it over to police. Brittany McClure, 30, was arrested for sodomy and animal abuse for the alleged assault on the couple’s dog, Max, Fox 2 Detroit reported. The woman’s ex-boyfriend found video of her performing the act with her dog while reviewing surveillance camera footage he installed in the living room of her shared home in Taylor, according to the outlet.

Police said the man turned over the disturbing six minutes of footage to investigators. “In that video, it shows defendant Brittany McClure lying on the living room floor on a mattress with a blanket. She opens the blanket and calls the dog”, Taylor Det. Philip Collop said in court on Wednesday, according to Fox 2, “She’s heard saying ‘good boy.'”

Brittany McClure Age

The age of Brittany McClure is 30 year.


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Charges on Brittany McClure

Another Taylor Police Department officer said he’s never seen anything so shocking in his more than two decades on the job. “[It was] clear as day: Her ex-girlfriend was giving fellatio to her dog named Max and she was trying to get Max to reciprocate,” Lt. Frank Canning said. “Sort of an interest in fetish stuff that was seen on the internet. I don’t know that any justification can justify these acts. She admitted to performing these acts on Max.”

McClure told police the bestiality caught on camera was the only time she had ever engaged in sexual acts with her dog. “Luckily, the video was captured,” Canning said, according to Fox 2. “I would hate for this to become a regular thing for Max.” Max was not injured and was returned to the care of McClure’s ex, police said. McClure was ordered to have no contact with animals and was held on $100,000 bond, the local station reported.Read More….

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