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A California man and suspected serial killer was arrested Thursday, more than a year after he allegedly killed three sex workers in a Mexican border town. Bryant “Eduardo” Rivera, 30, was arrested on the outskirts of Los Angeles and will be extradited in the coming days to Baja California, where he will be charged with a six-month murder spree, according to the Attorney General’s Office of the State.

US authorities were acting in response to an extradition request from Mexican investigators, who had been searching for the man they called a “serial killer” since November 2022. “We will apply all the legal and technological instruments necessary to find those responsible for any crime, particularly those considered for gender reasons, so with a strong hand we will seek to bring all these criminals to justice, even when they try to evade it by hiding in another country,” Baja California prosecutor Ricardo Iván Carpio Sánchez said in a statement.

Carpio added that Rivera has displayed “violent and psychopathic behavior.” Although Rivera is wanted for three murders in Mexico, US authorities have only charged him with one femicide, a federal complaint shows.


Bryant Rivera Age

The age of Bryant Rivera is 30 year.

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Bryant Rivera accused of killing

Investigators believe the California man strangled to death sex worker Ángela Carolina Acosta Flores on January 24, 2022 inside a hotel room next door to the Tijuana bar where she had picked her up. Rivera had been frequenting the Hong Kong Bar for several months and had allegedly already killed at least one other prostitute who worked there before murdering Flores.

Surveillance footage shows the two walking to the neighboring hotel together around 10:15 p.m., but Rivera leaves just an hour and a half later. Although Flores’s mother and boyfriend suspected the dancer was in grave danger because she was not answering her phone, staff did not open the hotel door to find Flores’ naked body until noon the next day.


By this time, Rivera was already back in the US: Surveillance video taken from the San Ysidro port of entry caught him re-entering the country just 13 minutes after leaving the hotel, according to the complaint. He may have taken his phone with him as well: The device’s last location was tracked in Riverside, 114 miles north of Tijuana.

Witnesses immediately identified the well-known client Rivera as the man last seen with Flores, though he used the name “Eduardo” when he mingled with dancers and checked out hotel rooms. A prostitute told investigators that Rivera had taken her to a hotel room for a “service” just hours before she allegedly killed her colleague.

Despite being singled out as the girl’s killer, Rivera returned to the Hong Kong bar just a month later to allegedly kill another dancer. The 25-year-old victim was found strangled, naked and beaten inside her truck three days after she went missing, according to the San Diego Tribune.


Mexican authorities, who last year compared Rivera to Ted Bundy, believe the California man is also responsible for the August 2021 murder of a 28-year-old mother who worked at the Hong Kong bar and at Adelita Bar, another strip club. Carpio said investigators were also looking into similar murders from the past few years to determine if they might also be linked to Rivera.Read More…….

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