Bus crashes with semi-truck in Canada

Fifteen people, mostly seniors, were killed and 10 injured when a bus headed for a casino collided with a semi-trailer truck at a rural intersection in Canada, authorities said. Bus crashes with semi-truck in Canada, 15 killed

The bus was carrying 25 people, most of whom were seniors from the western Manitoba town of Dauphin, when it crashed around 11:40 a.m. m. Thursday, said Rob Hill, commanding officer of the Manitoba Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Most of the dead were elderly, officials said, confirming that the drivers of both vehicles survived. Ten people were taken to hospitals in unknown conditions.

Bus crashes with semi-truck in Canada

Broken glass and debris littered the roadside at the crash site where the Trans-Canada Highway and Highway 5 intersect in Carberry, which is about 105 miles west of the Manitoba capital, Winnipeg. Pictures of the scene released by Canadian networks showed what appeared to be a large bus smoldering in a ditch near a damaged transport truck. Numerous tarps were spread.


RCMP Superintendent Rob Lasson said the bus was heading south and there would be a stop sign and give way. As the bus crossed the eastbound lanes on the Trans-Canada Highway, it was struck by the eastbound truck. Police have not confirmed who had the right of way.

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The people of Dauphin, a city of about 8,600 people with a tight-knit senior community, were still eagerly waiting to hear about their loved ones. A family support center has been set up at a Lutheran church in Dauphin for relatives. “Sadly, this is a day in Manitoba and across Canada that will be remembered as one of incredible tragedy and sadness,” Hill told CBC.

For all those waiting, I can’t imagine how hard it is not knowing if the person you love the most is coming home tonight. I am very sorry that we cannot provide him with the definitive answers that he needs more quickly.”


Ron Bretecher told CBC that his parents were on the bus to the casino. His mother is at the Winnipeg Health Science Center, but he hadn’t heard of his father. “So [my] family is basically waiting for news,” Bretecher said at the hospital Thursday night. “It is very difficult”.

Nirmesh Vadera, who was working at a roadside business at the time of the accident, said she got out and saw a transport truck with a wrecked engine on the road.

She saw the wrecked bus engulfed in flames in the grass at the side of the road as rescuers frantically tried to pull people out of the burning vehicle, she said. “It was on fire and all the (firefighters) and medical help and everyone was trying to get them away from the fire,” she said.


For many Canadians, the bus brought back haunting memories of the deadly 2018 bus accident in Saskatchewan, when a bus collided with a truck, killing 16 people from the Humboldt Broncos minor league hockey team.Read More……

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