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The father of a 16-year-old schoolgirl who took her own life at a top-rated boarding school has revealed that his daughter, who had autism, became ‘hyperfixated’ in her first arrest before her death. Caitlyn Scott-Lee, a talented Year 11 pupil, was found in a wooded area near a playing field at Wycombe Abbey School, which charges £44,000 a year, last Friday night, the day before the dreaded punishment.

Her father, Jonathan, has revealed that her daughter made one last heartbreaking journal entry in which he thanked her friends for their love for her, she wished them luck and said goodbye to her.

In the final story, seen by The Sunday Times, Caitlyn described how she ran away from a school trip to Eton College as a “cry for help”. Writing the night before she died, she reportedly said: ‘I hope this is the last entry in my diary. I want to commit suicide tomorrow. Caitlyn’s last journal entry, written in neat italics, highlights how detention had been playing on her mind over the Easter holidays.


Caitlyn Scott-Lee Age

The age of Caitlyn Scott-Lee was just 16 years.

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Why did Caitlyn Scott-Lee killed herself

Running away was the best cry for help I could give and you [Wycombe] responded with “usually we’d ground you, but you’re already grounded.” She took her own life the next day, just hours before receiving a two-hour detention known as “principal detention.” The teenager, soon to take her GCSE, had been reprimanded after she found vodka and a tattoo kit in her locker before the school holidays.

Mr Scott-Lee, 41, who has two minor daughters, said: “She was mortified to receive a detention. ‘For some of us, it’s a badge of honour, sitting in a room for two hours to work. But Caitlyn seemed hyper-obsessed with the concept of an arrest, and it seems like she was determined to do whatever she could to avoid it.


Caitlyn was reportedly so upset that she ran away from the choral event at Eton on March 21, even asking her housekeeper to upgrade her punishment to suspension because she feared arrest so much. Now Mr. Scott-Lee is speaking out about his daughter to raise awareness of the needs of the one in three children who, like his late daughter, are neurodiverse.

He explained that autistic people, including him and his daughter, “tend to think of the world in binary terms; it can be difficult [for them] to differentiate between two extremes.” Mr Scott-Lee, a senior executive at banking giant HSBC, asked Rishi Sunak to help open a national conversation, encouraging high-performing schools like Wycombe to better support neurodiverse students.

But the heartbroken father dismissed speculation that Wycombe Abbey, being a ‘hothouse’, heaping the pressure of exams on young girls, was an explanation for his daughter’s death. Scott-Lee said it would be incorrect to suggest that this alone was the reason and it would be ‘simplistic’ to ‘parrot’ the term ‘mental health’.


At a tribute to their daughter on Friday, Caitlyn’s parents said she was “gifted with autism” and “had a particular passion for theater, the arts, music and the environment.” They added: ‘The school community, friends and family are grieving her loss, but we take solace in her personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

‘Caitlyn enjoyed nature, the environment, sustainability and birds. She would have appreciated potted plants instead of cut flowers and support for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. In an email to Caitlyn’s parents of the year, known as Upper V, Principal Jo Duncan said: “They are a closed year group and as you understand are very shocked and upset.”

“This is an extremely difficult time for everyone and we will do everything we can to provide the additional pastoral care the girls will need.” Wycombe Abbey has said that safeguarding its students is its ‘top priority’. The school has been contacted for comment.Read More…….


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