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TEXAS: Sarah Jean Hartsfield, who allegedly murdered her ex-fiancé in 2018, has now been charged with poisoning her fifth husband. The 48-year-old woman allegedly killed her husband Joseph Hartsfield, who was a diabetic, by giving her too much insulin and failing to make an emergency call.

The alleged killer, a former US Army veteran, called 911 four to six hours after her 46-year-old husband’s insulin levels spiked. According to police, many hours before she sought help, Joseph’s glucose monitor sounded an alarm, the New York Post reported.

Hartsfield, who has been married five times, fatally shot her ex-fiancé David Bragg in 2018. The case was reopened for investigation by Minnesota officers while the woman was behind bars in the Chambers County jail.


Sarah Hartsfield Age

The age of Sarah Hartsfield is 48 years.

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Sarah Hartsfield  accused of poisoning fifth husband

Apparently while Hartsfield is locked up in the Chambers County jail, investigators in Minnesota have reopened an investigation into the death of her ex-boyfriend David Bragg, whom she shot and killed in 2018. However, new evidence found in the case has not been disclosed by investigators.

In March 1996, Hartsfield was arrested after being accused of attacking her second husband, Michael Traxler, at her home in Rio Bonito. The charges were later dropped after she was locked up in jail for a week.


Speaking to ABC13, Titus Knoernschild, the alleged killer’s first husband, previously responded to the news of her arrest, saying: “I’m glad they finally caught her for who she is. I’m sorry someone else had to die to make it happen. get her.”

“I knew I was going to end up in jail one day. So she cheated things. She was stealing people’s money. So I knew she was going to end up getting caught eventually. That was always my hope. But unfortunately, she resorted to [allegedly] murder. And that’s what she is facing now,” he added.

“It’s unreal to see my mother in that jumpsuit now. I’ve waited for it my whole life,” said Hartsfield’s son, Ryan Donohue, of her third marriage. From the Hartsfield jail cell, the outlet obtained notes written by her. One of her notes read her statement before the judge where she fired her lawyer and demanded a replacement. The next note stated that she was seeking reduced bail as she is unable to pay the $4.5 million bail amount and also alleged that she had been unlawfully confined.Read More……


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