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The widow of the California father Casey Rivara who was fatally struck by a car while helping a family of ducks cross a busy road says she is “deeply moved” by all the support and has asked people to share their thoughts on her husband. for a new book. “We have been deeply moved by the overwhelming love and support we have received for Casey Rivara and our family over the past few days,” Angel Chow, Rivara’s widow, wrote on Facebook.

“We want to express our sincerest gratitude to all of you for the kind messages and kind gestures. It is truly humbling to hear how Casey has positively impacted their lives, and we are extremely grateful for that. “Given the incredible stories shared by so many of you, we want to capture all of those wonderful memories of Casey in one beautiful book, one that our children can turn to whenever they miss him,” Chow said.

“This book will serve as a lasting tribute to her life, showing the profound impact he had on those around him,” she added. Rivara was killed in the town of Rocklin, about 22 miles from Sacramento, around 8 p.m. Thursday when he left his car to guide the ducklings through traffic, according to a witness.


Casey Rivara Age

The age of Casey Rivara is not declared.

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How Casey Rivara was killed?

Casey Rivara was fatally struck by a car while he was helping a family of ducks cross a busy street.
GoFundme. “We have been deeply touched by the overwhelming love and support we have received for Casey Rivara and our family in recent days,” wrote Angel Chow, Rivara’s widow.

He got out of the car and he was shooing the ducks away, and everyone clapped because he was being so nice,” William Wimsatt told KCRA 3. “He helped [the ducks] up on the sidewalk because all the little ducklings were having trouble, and then he walked in front of our car,” the boy said.


Moments later, a car driven by a 17-year-old girl struck the good Samaritan. “I didn’t see the car really hit him. All I remember is the sound and then him flying through the intersection,” Wimsatt said. The driver has been cooperating with authorities and was not facing any charges. DUI was not suspected.

A GoFundMe account that had raised more than $70,000 for the victim’s family as of Tuesday said Rivara was driving her two children, Sophia, 11, and James, 6, home from practice. swimming when the tragedy occurred.

Casey met Angel, the love of her life, at age 17, when she joined her high school as an exchange student from Hong Kong,” the fundraising post read. “They quickly fell head over heels in love and have remained inseparable partners for the past 23 years. “Her family of hers was Casey’s world, and to stay even closer to them, she had recently begun working at her children’s school. She loved working at the school as he was able to positively impact other children,” she said.


“Casey was the kindest and most amazing husband and father. Even his last act in this world was a sign of his compassion. The family is trying to find a way to recover and move on after this immense loss,” the page added. The owner of the nearby Rocklin Flower Shop said she has noticed more accidents at the scene since the coronavirus pandemic.

Many people moved as a family to enjoy the area. It’s getting very crowded and unfortunately some people don’t pay attention when the animals go by [or where] the children go. We need to take care of people more,” the businesswoman, Roya Rouhizadeh, told ABC10. “We need one of those ‘No Turn’ signs because turning when the other light is green has been very dangerous,” she said.

“Me or my husband, we have all been in that situation. We are turning, and suddenly someone comes to cut you off,” added Rouhizadeh. “Both lives were ruined, his and the person who hit him, so I think it’s terrible,” Myerson told the outlet. “He was doing a good thing and he ended up dying because of it. Nobody thinks that he goes out to help an animal or a person who is going to kill him ”.Read More……


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