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The alleged neo-Nazi accused of intentionally ramming a U-Haul truck into a White House security barrier has been identified as 19-year-old Sai Varsith Kandula, The Post has learned. Sai Varsith Kandula of Chesterfield, Missouri, was identified as the man who rammed the truck, festooned with a Nazi flag, into barriers along Lafayette Square, a short walk from the White House, Monday night, officials said. the US Park Police

He has been charged with threatening to kill, kidnap or harm a president, vice president or family member, as well as assault with a dangerous weapon, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, trespassing and destruction of federal property, police said. US parks. Law enforcement sources told ABC News that Kandula rented a U-Haul vehicle at Dulles International Airport in Virginia after traveling from St. Louis.

Sai Varsith Kandula Age

The age of Sai Varsith Kandula is 19 years.


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Charges on Sai Varsith Kandula

After throwing the vehicle into the security barriers, he reportedly got out of the front seat and began waving the red swastika flag before being stopped. Kandula allegedly told FBI investigators that he wanted to take control of the government and kill the president, ABC reported.

Investigators are looking into whether mental health played a role and it was not immediately clear when Kandula would appear in court. In addition to other charges, Sai Varsith Kandula has been charged with threatening to kill, kidnap or harm a president. Images released by Insider Paper of the scene show the truck crashing into the barrier before coming to a stop. No one was injured in the crash.

Chris Zaboji, 25, told reporters he was jogging in the area when he heard the commotion. He described the driver crashing into the security barrier at least twice.  When the truck backed up and hit her again, I decided I wanted to get out of there,” he told reporters.


In addition to the Nazi flag, investigators recovered duct tape, a backpack and a notebook full of writing from inside the vehicle, FOX 5 DC reported. Video posted by FOX 5’s Shomari Stone shows authorities using a robot to investigate the vehicle. CNN quoted a police source as reporting that no explosives were found inside. Had he gotten through the security barrier, Kandula would have met two more layers of close quarters before reaching the White House, according to FOX 5.Read More…….

No lawyer was listed for Kandula as of Tuesday morning.



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