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Chandler police have arrested Channing Vanderbilt after investigators say he shot and killed another man sitting in a vehicle near a residential area on Monday. Sgt. Emma Huenneke, a Chandler police spokeswoman, said officers responded to the area of Hunt Highway and Amanda Boulevard around 4:47 p.m. after receiving a call from a woman who said a man had shot her husband while they were driving to pick up her mail.

Officers found a 58-year-old man dead in the vehicle with gunshot wounds with his wife uninjured in the passenger seat. The woman identified a man, Channing Vanderbilt, 31, who was standing near her and acting as a bystander as the man who shot her husband.

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The age of Channing Vanderbilt is 31 years.


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Channing Vanderbilt arrested

Court documents say the woman told officers that Vanderbilt approached his vehicle from a shared driveway near the community mailboxes and began shooting at them with a rifle. She told police that her husband pushed her head down and that she looked up after the shooting stopped to see her husband dead in the driver’s seat.

Police found a rifle in Vanderbilt’s Dodge Ram truck and the keys in Vanderbilt’s pocket along with shell casings, according to court documents. Vanderbilt told police that he was inside a house with his mother when he heard the shots and asked the woman if she was okay, according to court documents. He denied shooting the couple and said he had collected some shell casings in the area as souvenirs. He also told officers that he did not possess firearms and claimed that someone had planted a rifle in his vehicle without his knowledge.

A Chandler woman says her husband saved her life when a neighbor armed with a rifle opened fire as they drove to collect their mail. When she looked up, the Arizona woman saw her 58-year-old husband — who pushed her head down to avoid the gunfire — had been shot “numerous times” and died, police told KNXV.


Officers arrested Channing Vanderbilt, 31, on charges including murder and aggravated assault in the 4:47 p.m. shooting Monday, April 3, Chandler police said in a news release. Vanderbilt, who lives nearby, posed as a bystander when police arrived, The Arizona Republic reported. He denied shooting anyone and told police someone planted a rifle in his pickup truck.

He also told police he had picked up some of the bullet casing as souvenirs, according to the newspaper. The woman told officers Vanderbilt began firing a rifle as she and her husband drove up to a shared neighborhood mailbox to collect their mail, police said. Police told KNXV the attack was “unprovoked.”

After seeing her husband had been shot, police said, the woman called 911 and identified Vanderbilt to officers as the gunman. Police said they had earlier responded to a report that someone had shot a cinder block wall in the vicinity. They are investigating to determine whether the incidents are related. Chandler is a city of 280,000 people about 20 miles southeast of Phoenix.


Police arrested Vanderbilt and booked him into the Maricopa County Jail on first-degree murder, aggravated assault, endangerment and other firearms-related charges. It was not immediately clear when his next scheduled court appearance would be.Read More……..

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