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NEW YORK: Jacob Barroso and Robert Demaio , Two suspects involved in the deaths of John Umberger and Julio Ramírez have turned themselves in to the New York City Police Department. The two victims were allegedly drugged after leaving the Ritz Bar and Lounge in April 2022. Authorities ruled their death a homicide and recently released the names of the suspects.

Ramírez, 25, was found dead in the back of a taxi and had his bank accounts stolen after a night out. The second victim, Umberger, was found dead inside a rented apartment where he had been staying after once arriving in New York on business in June 2022.

Robert DeMaio, 34, turned himself in to detectives Monday morning, and the second suspect, Jacob Barroso, turned himself in Saturday morning, April 1, according to the NYPD. They are currently facing charges of murder, robbery, grand theft, identity theft and conspiracy, according to ABC News.


Jacob Barroso and Robert Demaio Age

The age of Jacob  and Robert Demaio is 34 years.

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Charges on Jacob Barroso and Robert Demaio

Shane Hoskins was arraigned in Supreme Court on Thursday, March 30, allegedly linked to the deaths, charged with first degree robbery, second degree identity theft, fourth degree grand larceny and two counts of fourth degree conspiracy. degree. The indictments were sealed until the defendants were arrested and appeared in court. The proceedings were carried out on Monday, April 3.

Umberger’s mother, Linda Clary, previously told CBS News: “I know no one is safe until these people are off the streets and I know that for sure. I feel like we’re moving in the right direction. This is just a step in the process because we want to make sure these people don’t hurt anyone else, and they’ve hurt too many people already.”


The medical examiner’s office confirmed in March that the deaths were caused by a “drug-facilitated robbery.” Investigators found multiple drugs in his systems, including lidocaine, cocaine, and fentanyl. A spokesman representing the NYPD said defendants Hamilton, Demaio and Barroso are being investigated in a broader “citywide pattern of robbery” that includes a total of 17 incidents between them. The official shared that the robberies and deaths related to the case of Ramírez and Umberger occurred between September 19, 2021 and August 28, 2022, MEAWW reports.Read More……..

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