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One mother described her agony upon learning that her son had taken his own life while at university, just days after telling support staff that he was having suicidal thoughts. Emma Laney’s 25-year-old son Charlie stopped responding to her text messages while she was in Aberystwyth. After assuming that Charlie was simply busy with his academic work, in early February of this year, she became increasingly concerned for his well-being.

Laney said: ‘I couldn’t help it. She had left him a message a couple of days before that I would contact the university if he didn’t reply and it came Friday afternoon when I had the overwhelming feeling that something really bad had happened. I called Charlie’s father and asked him to call the university. That phone call confirmed Emma’s worst fears. Charlie had taken her own life in his college room.

Days earlier, the sophomore had checked himself into the ER due to his mental health before attending a counseling session with the university’s welfare service, where he revealed that he had suicidal feelings. However, none of this was told to Charlie’s family until his body was discovered, and even now they are seeking answers about the circumstances surrounding his death.


Charlie Laney Age

The age of Charlie Laney was 25 years.

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Charlie Laney killed himself

While the university maintains that she kept in touch with Charlie throughout the year, Ms Laney believes that Aberystwyth welfare services failed in her duty to care for Charlie by failing to act quickly enough. She is now campaigning for service improvements across the country in honor of her ‘intelligent, kind and gentle’ son. She said: ‘Charlie was amazing. An amazing big brother to his brothers Max and Angel, very funny and very smart, almost too smart for his own good at times!

“He was so kind and gentle and had such a witty, dry sense of humor. He was the artistic type but also very academic with an eagerness to learn, always with his nose in a book. In fact, he could read one for hours and absorb its content immediately. “But he was also ambitious and after leaving school, he lived in China for a couple of years, teaching English. He traveled all over Asia which he loved and the children loved him too. I have received messages since Charlie’s death on behalf of some of his students and they were all devastated. They wanted me to see them again.


After Charlie started his sophomore year at college, his mother began to notice a change in his behavior, as he became more withdrawn over the Christmas period. She said: ‘He had this project that he was working on and it was always on his mind. He was so focused on doing that and he always rushed back to his room to continue working on it.

He returned to Aberystwyth shortly after New Years and I asked him to let me know that he had arrived safely. In the end, he didn’t, but I knew he was exhausted, it’s a long train ride and he would want to continue this project again. So I gave him some space, but he kept me posted on the few messages I sent him and that lasted for two weeks. “After all that time, he finally contacted me and explained that he was feeling a little down. “I told him to call me and we could talk and I ended up leaving him a message on a Wednesday night. Two days later his body was discovered.

After Charlie’s tragic death, Ms Laney met with university officials, which she said left her feeling “really insulted” after being met with a “condescending tone and questionable timeline of events”. She said: “Nothing seemed to add up and they got defensive whenever she asked them if they knew about his visit to the hospital and things like that.”


‘He didn’t give me confidence at all. I left there feeling really insulted actually. “If they would just raise their hand, acknowledge that there may have been some mistakes, and commit to getting to the bottom of it, then I would have understood. But instead, it seemed like they had missed opportunities that they didn’t want to talk about.’

“It breaks my heart to know that Charlie was taken to the hospital that night,” she added. “He was a reserved and proud person and I know he would have had a hard time doing that.” She was screaming for help, clearly. I wish we would have known at the time, everything could have been so different.’ The Charlie for Help campaign, started in his memory, aims to ensure students get the help they need as they struggle with their mental health.

An inquest into Charlie’s death will be held later this year. Laney said: ‘Charlie asked for help and didn’t get it. Unfortunately, it is too late for him, but we will continue to make noise and push for changes to prevent the same thing from happening to other students. If we can do that, then my son’s death has not been in vain.


A spokesperson for Aberystwyth University said: “Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with Charlie’s friends and family at such an extremely difficult time. Our student support team has been in close contact and provided support to those affected by this tragedy. “While we cannot go into individual circumstances, our Student Wellbeing team were in contact with Charlie during the 22/23 academic year, with the aim of providing direct support and linking him to NHS established health and mental health services when corresponds.

‘As a university, we offer extensive welfare services. Listening and acting on the feedback from our students is very important to us. We continually review our processes and update our practices, including the use of external advice and the evolution of best practice, to ensure that we are providing the best possible support for our students.

“We have recently been developing our provision in light of broader industry developments in this area and continue to be in discussions with Charlie’s friends and family to ensure that all relevant circumstances are given the fullest possible consideration.“Read More…..


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