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UTAH: As outrage grows over the death of Chase Allan, who was shot and killed by police officers at Mach 1, it came to light that his Chase Allan’s mother Diane had sued the Farmington Police Department. Allan was reportedly shot to death inside his car after police pulled him over. In April 2022, Diane sued the police over a traffic stop, claiming they had no right to make that stop because she believed the Farmington rules did not apply to her as “one of Utah’s sovereign persons.”

Diane’s lawsuit asserted that, as “one of Utah’s sovereign persons, she had an ‘inherent right’ to access public roads without restriction of her liberty.” “Defendants wrongly assert that they have the right to enforce traffic codes in the face of plaintiff’s constitutional rights,” her lawsuit said. The police file said that Diane did not have a license and was driving with an expired registration.

Diane’s lawsuit added: “A few hours later, Plaintiff went to the CITY OF FARMINGTON POLICE DEPARTMENT with a witness, (Chase Allan) and hand-delivered the rescinded summons,” adding: “DEFENDANT L. ERIC JOHNSEN walked out to the lobby and asked how he could help the plaintiff.” She alleged that Johnsen tossed his subpoena in the trash, according to KSL News Radio.


Chase Allan’s mother Age

The age of Chase Allan’s mother is not known.

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Chase Allan’s mother Diane Allan

Listing the names of Johnsen and other members of the department, the city, the court system and the Davis County attorney, their lawsuit alleged: “THE JOHNSEN DEFENSE later stated that if the plaintiff did not register her vehicle, it would be impounded. The witness then stated ‘that’s a threat,’ to which DEFENDANT JOHNSON [sic] responded ‘no, that’s a promise, that’s a promise,'” the complaint read.

Diana’s lawsuit continued: “Plaintiff notified DEFENDANT JOHNSEN that she had come to the department to resolve this matter peacefully.” She claimed that the prosecutor never responded to her motion to dismiss the case. As of March 3, the cases still remain open.


The official statement from the family read: “We have learned more from the media coverage of what occurred than anywhere else at this time. Officers claim it was a routine traffic stop, but the officer requested several others officers to the scene a couple of blocks prior to the stop This resulted in the brutal murder of Chase at the hands of 5 Farmington Police officers, who shot him while he was still in his car and likely terrified for his safety. fired more than 12 rounds while I was still inside the car with the engine running and the lights on when reporters arrived,” according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

It further stated: “The police are obstructing us. Our family has not been allowed to see Chase and no information regarding this investigation has been forthcoming from authorities or justice departments. Chase lived at home with his parents in Farmington. Our “The family was not properly notified of Chase’s death as a next of kin. We learned of Chase’s death along with our entire community through News Reporters and articles written online.”Read More……

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