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The daughter of an elementary school principal who killed herself by jumping from a Disneyland parking lot says she had no choice but to kill herself to find a way to deal with her alleged ‘abusive’ wife.

Christopher Christensen, a California man, committed suicide on December 3 after being charged with child endangerment and assault, according to Orange County Superior Court records, the Daily Mail reports.

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The age of Chris Christensen is51 years.


Chris Christensen Killed himself for child endangerment charges

The 51-year-old shared his last Facebook post before killing himself, blaming his wife Marlena Christensen for his suicide. In her post, Christensen claimed the pair had a heated argument a few weeks earlier and after the angry exchange, her “anger got the better of her and she called the police, who landed me in jail that night.”

According to the Daily Mail, Brittany, one of Chris’ three children from his first marriage which ended in divorce in 1999, has spoken out about Marlena as an ‘abusive’ wife. The 26-year-old accused Marlena of tampering with her car parked at her apartment in Costa Mesa. Brittany claims the incident took place after an argument involving her father trying to “break up” with his wife. She also recounted that on April 24, Marlena sent Brittany harsh messages following this argument they had.

Marlena’s text to Brittany read, “You’re a horrible, disgusting excuse for a daughter and sister. Go find your dad, be the hero. But I’m the one he’s going to miss this morning.”


Brittany told the Daily Mail that “Marlena has shown a consistent pattern of manipulation and inappropriate behavior towards my family for some time now. Although my father mentions in his post that their relationship was ‘excellent’ until two weeks ago, their relationship in the reality has been toxic and exhausting for both of us.

She further added that “the night my car keys were stolen, my dad tried to break up with Marlena and sent me messages from her saying that I was” a horrible, disgusting excuse for a daughter and sister. To be honest, I never thought he did anything to her, but she refused to apologize for her words or actions, even when she overreacted towards my family.”

After the incident in which Marlena struck Brittany’s car, she filed a report with the police claiming that $6,000 total damage had been caused. “She didn’t admit to anything, but we had footage from her doorbell camera leaving the house in the middle of the night and then coming to my apartment (where my dad stayed overnight) and taking her car,” he said. Brittany. her as she told the Daily Mail that the matter was unresolved.


“She put him in a really horrible position that night and painted a picture of him that is inaccurate of his character, and I think it was too much for him,” said the grieving daughter who believes Marlena’s domestic violence allegations against Chris were “incorrect.” Chris and his second wife, Marlena, “loved each other” but had a “passionate but toxic relationship,” Chris’ eldest daughter said.

A restraining order issued by the judge on November 28 asked Chris to stay 100 yards away from Marlena, not to harass her in any way, and to turn over any weapons he had to the police. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges, reports the Daily Mail.

Chris, who had just started his first year as principal at Newland Elementary School in Huntington Beach, was also a musician. Following his death, his case was dismissed on December 5, according to documents shown by the Orange County Superior Court.


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