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Jason Kish, a Staten Island man accused of shooting a Jewish father and his 7-year-old son with a BB gun was released without bail on Wednesday, December 7, disappointing prosecutors and angering the father’s mother. little boy.

A spokesman for the Staten Island district attorney said Kish, 25, was charged with attempted assault as an anti-Semitic hate crime, but because neither victim was seriously injured, a court was unable to set bail under of the state’s criminal justice reform statutes. as reported by NY DailyNews. Alexander Klein and his father Isaac Klein, 32, were allegedly the targets of the Kish drive-by attack at the Island Kosher supermarket on Victory Boulevard in Castleton Corners on Sunday, December 4. Police said that while Klein and his son were wearing yarmulkes, the man fired at them with a BB gun that fired gel-like pellets. Alexander received a grazing wound to the ear and Isaac was struck in the chest.

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The age of Jason Kish is 25 years.


Jason Kish Attack on a Jewish man and his 7-year-old son

In an interview with the Daily News on Wednesday, December 7, the boy’s mother, who declined to reveal her name, said: “Wow. I was sure they were going to put him away. How could that guy be on the streets if my son Still not sleeping at night? He’s up at night! I wanted to know what would have happened if it was a real weapon.”

The mother added: “What am I going to tell him, is he back on the streets? Because of the system? He’s a little boy. He doesn’t understand. He understands that he could have been shot dead. That’s what he understands.” . .”

Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon’s spokesman Andrew Crawford blamed Kish’s release on a murky legal issue, calling it “at best an oversight and at worst simply outright legislative neglect.” by the Assembly and the Senate.


A revision to the state’s 2020 bail reform regulations makes attempted second-degree assault, a more serious felony, ineligible for bail, but third-degree assault that is categorized as a hate crime is now eligible. “We are [of] the opinion that the Legislature just made a mistake and didn’t do a very good job of making the changes they wanted to make,” Crawford said.


“We don’t have the serious bodily injury part,” Crawford continued, noting that the prosecution had requested either a $25,000 cash bond or a $75,000 bond. Mark Fonte, Kish’s attorney, declined to acknowledge that his client fired the pellet gun, but insisted there was no evidence of a hate crime.


“The law is clear that the fact that the victim in an incident is of a certain religion or race, that in itself is not enough to determine that it is a hate crime. None of that exists here. It seems that whoever shot was engaged in random acts of stupidity and did not attack based on race or religion. I think the NYPD jumped to conclusions without evaluating the entire situation,” Fonte said.

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